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Final Fantasy 16 Shiva’s Dominant Boss Fight: How to Beat Shiva’s Dominant


In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), players are faced with multiple challenges and boss fights. One such boss is Shiva’s Dominant and defeating Shiva’s Dominant is no simple task, but with the right strategies and tactics, you can beat this boss fight in FF 16. In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips and insights on how to beat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16.

Shiva’s Dominant is an Eikon that harnesses the power of ice. In FF16, Eikons are mythical creatures that reside within human beings known as Dominants. The Dominants have the ability to call Eikons and use their elemental damage in battle.

Before facing Shiva’s Dominant, it’s best to prepare for the boss fight. During the A Chance Encounter quest, make sure you equip yourself with the necessary items and consumables. Along the way, you’ll find Strength and Stoneskin Tonics, which can significantly aid you in the upcoming boss battle. These tonics enhance your strength and provide additional protection during Shiva’s Dominant boss fight in Final Fantasy XVI.

FF 16: Shiva’s Dominant Attacks and How to Counter Them

To defeat Shiva’s Dominant, you need to study her attacks and counter them accordingly. She possesses a range of magical and physical abilities that you must be prepared to face. Let’s take a closer look at some of her notable attacks and how to counter them:

1. Ice Spikes and Projectiles

As an Eikon of Ice, Shiva’s Dominant can create ice spikes around her before dashing towards you. Additionally, she can cast bullet-like ice projectiles from a distance. These attacks can deal significant damage if not avoided. Keep a close eye on her movements and be ready to dodge or block these icy assaults.

2. Sword Attacks

Shiva’s Dominant is also proficient in sword combat. She can swiftly slash at you with her weapon, which requires quick reflexes to evade. When you see her preparing for a sword attack, dodge to the side to avoid getting hit. By mastering the timing of her sword strikes, you can create openings for your own counterattacks.

3. Area of Effect (AoE) Attacks

Another threat to watch out for is Shiva’s Dominant’s AoE attacks. These attacks create a freezing effect around her, causing damage to anyone within the area. When you notice ice spreading around her, quickly step away to avoid being caught in the AoE attack. Staying vigilant and maintaining a safe distance is crucial during these moments.

4. Enhanced Attacks in the Second Phase

Once you have depleted approximately half of Shiva’s Dominant’s health, she will enter her second phase, becoming more aggressive and introducing a new attack. In this phase, she will rain down ice within specific areas. To avoid this attack, observe the AoE of icy clouds before the ice begins to fall. Move away from these areas to avoid taking damage and maintain your focus on the boss.

Final Fantasy 16 Shiva's Dominant Boss Fight attack patterns and how to counter.

Tips for Defeating Shiva’s Dominant

Now that you understand Shiva’s Dominant’s attacks, let’s look into effective strategies for defeating her in FF16:

1. Offense or Defense?

When facing Shiva’s Dominant, you have two primary approaches: a balanced offensive strategy or a more defensive playstyle. If you choose an offensive approach, engage in close combat, utilizing sword attacks and dodging her retaliatory moves. Alternatively, you can opt for a more reserved approach by keeping your distance and utilizing magic attacks until she charges at you. Experiment with both strategies and find the one that suits your playstyle best.

2. Exploit Recovery Times

After Shiva’s Dominant charges at you, she has a short recovery time. Utilize this window of opportunity to unleash powerful Eikon abilities and combo attacks. By capitalizing on her recovery periods, you can deal substantial damage and expedite the battle’s outcome.

3. Use Area of Effect (AoE) Awareness

Remaining aware of Shiva’s Dominant’s AoE attacks is crucial for survival. When you see ice spreading around her, quickly reposition yourself to avoid being caught in the freezing effect. Mastering the art of positioning and movement will enable you to navigate the battlefield effectively and minimize damage.

Final Fantasy 16 Shiva's Dominant Boss Fight tips and tricks.

4. Timing is Key

Timing your actions is vital when battling Shiva’s Dominant. By carefully observing her movements and attacks, you can anticipate her next move and react accordingly. This includes dodging her sword strikes, avoiding ice projectiles, and positioning yourself strategically during AoE attacks. With practice, you’ll be able to synchronize your actions with her patterns, gaining an advantage in the fight.

5. Exploit Staggered Moments

As you chip away at Shiva’s Dominant’s health, aim to stagger her multiple times throughout the battle. When she is staggered, she becomes vulnerable, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks and deal significant damage. Save your high-damage abilities, such as Rising Flame or Scarlet Cyclone, for these moments to maximize your impact.

When you’re done defeating Shiva’s Dominant, you will be rewarded with valuable items and resources. These rewards vary based on your progression in the game.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Shiva’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16. We also have guides on Gigas Boss Fight, and Morbol Boss Fight as well.

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