Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Zodiark Boss Fight Guide: The Dark Inside Trial

Zodiark Boss Fight

One of the Trails you go through in Final Fantasy 14 is The Dark Inside. It is the very first trial you face in the game and in this guide, we will discuss how to complete both phases of the Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker The Dark Inside.

How to Beat Zodiark in Final Fantasy 14 The Dark Inside Trial

As mentioned above, there are two phases of the trial. The first phase is pretty basic and mostly about learning how to handle the fight. You will face Zodiark who uses multiple abilities at random. In total there are 6 abilities he will use against you.

Kokytos: This ability will lower your party’s HP to 1 which means the healer needs to be ready with AoE heal.

Exoterikos: Zodiark will release a beam and if at the end of that beam you see a triangle symbol hug the walls to avoid damage. If the symbol is triangle half of that arena side will have an AoE for damage. Move to the other side of the arena to avoid damage in that case.

Phlegeton: AoE damage circles appear under different characters. Keep moving around the arena to avoid damage.

Ania: A high damage single-target tankbuster which usually lands on your tank but could hit other enemies.

Styx: This is a targeted heavy damage attack which happens 6 times. Your party needs to stack in one place to survive.

Paradeigma: This attack someones summons Leviathan snakes and sometimes summons behemoths.

Phase Two

Algedon: A line of AoE is created by the boss but you can avoid it by staying on its sides.

Adikia: Heavy slams on either side of the arena but you can avoid these attacks by staying under his chin or on the opposite side of the arena.

Triple Esoteric Ray: Three Portals are summon that shoot a beam of energy. You can dodge them are easily.

Astral Flow: The arena will spin but pay attention to the arrows to figure out where you should be to avoid the Behemot attacks after the spin ends. Stand inside the AoE before the spin to avoid the attacks. However, you will need spacial awareness to avoid snake casts.

Astral Eclipse: The boss will fly in the air and throw down stars. You can very little time to get out of the way.

Trimorphos Exoterikos: Three Exoterikos in a row are used by the boss.

Keep attacking the boss and use the tips above to dodge its attacks. It may take a few tries to truely understand his movements but eventually you will get it.

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