How to Get to Radz-at-Han In Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Radz-at-Han

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion is here and has brought a ton of new content like new dungeons, areas, and more. Some of the areas are obviously locked and can only be accessed once players have fulfilled the requirements. Radz-at-Han is one of the locked areas and this Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker guide will help players with how to get to Radz-at-Han.

How To Get To Radz-at-Han

Radz-at-Han is located in Thavnair and to get inside it, players have to complete certain requirements. To get inside Radz-at-Han you’ll have to play through the Endwalker expansion’s main story. Get to level 81 and clear the Tower of Zot. Radz-at-Han will be open to players as part of The Jewel of Thavnair quest. After that, the city will remain open to players and they can come and go whenever they want.

That is all for our Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker guide on how to get inside Radz-at-Han. For more on the game, also see our Tomestones of Aphorism Guide and Zodiark Boss Fight Guide.

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