Final Fantasy 14 Company Seals Farming Guide: How to Farm Company Seals

Final Fantasy 14 Company Seals

If you are playing Final Fantasy 14 you already know the importance of Company Seals. These seals are used to make purchases from the Grand Companies. In Final Fantasy XIV there are multiple ways for you to earn some Company Seals. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know on how to farm Company Seals in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 Company Seals Farming: How to Get More Company Seals

You can farm Company Seals by doing the following:

Complete Hunting Logs

If you want to play solo you can complete Hunting Logs. These small missions are easy to complete and don’t take much time at all. By completing Hunting Logs you can get a good amount of Company Seals. If you manage to complete all Grand Companies Hunting Logs you can find yourself with 20,775 Company Seals.

Complete Full Active Time Events

FATEs are usually combated missions so make sure you have a high enough level and pack a good amount of healing items before doing multiple of these. It is always best to find party members do complete Full-Time Active Events.

Use Retainers

Retainers are great for farming Company Seals. Once your retainer is level 10 you can send them off to explore the world. Quick Exploration quests are complete in an hour and your retainer comes back with plenty of gear that you can donate to the Personnel Officer.

Dungeon Gear

Complete Dungeons to get the gear you can use to farm Company Seals. You can donate the gear to the Personnel Officer. It should be noted that you need to be Sergeant Second Class or higher to get seals this way.

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