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Fifine AmpliGame A8 Review: Great RGB Microphone For The Price


Fifine has introduced a couple of different microphones, and we got out hands on the AmpliGame A8, which is bigger and a bit more expensive than the A6V. AmpliGame A8 gets a lot of things right for a budget microphone under $50.

Fifine AmpliGame A8 Review

What You Get Inside The Box

The microphone is enclosed in protective packaging so that it and its accessories are not damaged. Since my unit was shipped across the world and did not get damaged, I would say that the protective packaging did its job pretty well.

Inside the box, you get a pop filter, a mic mount, the AmpliGame A8 microphone itself, a stand, a shock mount, and a USB-C to USB-A cable. The shock mount is a bit wobbly, but the stand is sturdy and has some weight. All the parts fit into place very well, and the pop filter has a rubbing locking mechanism. 

The included shock mount and stand are nice to have since you can have the mic up and running out of the box without having to order accessories separately. Although, you could use a boom arm if you wanted to. The stand has an anti-slip bottom, which helps it stay in place and keeps it from moving around on your desk.

The Features Of The Fifine AmpliGame A8

The Fifine AmpliGame A8 has a button on its top that you can tap to mute or unmute it. This is a handy feature that I have enjoyed using, and it is convenient. I can imagine how streamers and gamers will like and appreciate this small but well-thought-of feature. 

The microphone has RGB lighting, which you can customize or turn off entirely. You can select different effects or pick a static color, which is the option I used to match the Cyan color scheme of the rest of my build.

As mentioned above, the shock mount does seem to be a bit shaky, but it will keep the microphone from picking up vibrations from your desk. The microphone has a USB-C port which is used for connecting it to your PC, and it also has an audio jack if you want to connect a headset. The audio jack can come in handy if you are recording vocals. 

It even has volume controls so you can tweak the microphone levels without going into Windows settings. This is a nice feature to have to make volume changes on the fly. Installing it onto a boom arm is very straightforward. You remove the screw and then use the included mic mount to mount it into a boom arm.

While my model came in black, it is available in white and pink. So there are options for different people and the color scheme that you are going for.

Audio Performance

In terms of audio, the Fifine AmpliGame A8 seems like an XLR microphone hooked up to a decent audio interface, but it is not. It is actually a USB microphone that can plug directly into your PC. This cardioid condenser microphone will pick up sounds from the front and sides of the microphone, not the rear. 

I would say that it competes with higher-end models at a premium price, and most people will not be able to tell the difference. With that in mind, it is a compelling product for the price and is ideal for streaming, podcasting, and audio recording. Since this is a budget microphone, it does pick up some background sounds, which might not be ideal if you are in a noisy environment.


Great audio quality
Stand, pop filter, and mount included
RGB lighting
Mute button
Volume knob
Picks up some background noise
Placement of volume button is not ideal

If you are looking for a quality microphone for gaming, audio recording, or podcasting without breaking the bank, this is a great option. The RGB lighting looks good; it is plug-and-play and easy to use. While it sounds like an XLR microphone, it has the simplicity of a USB microphone. You can learn more about the microphone from the official website.

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