If you’re anything like me, you start up FIFA 23 to relax after a long day of work or school; and usually want to vent your frustrations by winning a couple of games. To do this, having good strikers on your team is crucial. 

A striker’s key traits are his shooting and his pace. Having high stats in those regards will allow your strikers to have a good chance to counter and rack up goals. FIFA likes to change up these stats every year based on real-life improvements/ degradation of the players in the game.

In this article, we will talk about strikers, who the best strikers in FIFA 23 are, and why they are considered the best of the best.

Our pick for the best striker in the whole of FIFA 23 has to go to R. Lewandowski for his ridiculously high OVA and POT stats. Being the best striker in the game also earns him a spot to be called one of the best characters in FIFA 23. Other honorable mentions for great strikers include Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Benzema, among many others.

The qualities that make the best strikers of FIFA 23 are the qualities that also make them incredibly fun to play. These include fast reactions and very good countering capabilities. Their confidence is unmatched in front of the keepers when they can perform very easy and vital finishes to score goals, almost always guaranteed.

Below, we have ranked the best strikers that FIFA 23 offers by their shooting and pace stats. Choosing any one of these strikers can enable you to win more often.

NamePositonOverall ratingShootingPaceClub
Robert LewandowskiST919175FC Barcelona
Kylian MbappeST918997PSG
Karim BenzemaCF918880Real Madrid
Cristiano RonaldoST909281Manchester United
Erling HaalandST889189Manchester City
Harry KaneST899168Tottenham Hotspur
Ciro ImmobileST868785Latium
Paulo DybalaCF868580Roma FC
Romelu LukakuST868580Inter Milan
Lautaro MartinezST868383Inter Milan
Christopher NkunkuCF868188RB Leipzig
Gerard MorenoST858678Villareal CF
Iago AspasST858582RC Celta
Memphis DepayCF858483FC Barcelona
Jamie VardyST858484Leicester City
Pierre-Emerick AubameyangST858487Chelsea
Patrik SchickST858378Leverkusen
Diogo JotaCF858385Liverpool FC
Dusan VlahovicST848580Juventus
Joao FelixCF848083Atletico de Madrid
Luis SuarezST848670National Montevideo
Wisam Ben YedderST848481AS Monaco
Edin DzekoST848463Inter Milan
Dries MertensST848283Galatasaray
Kai HavertzST847981Chelsea

The various shooting scores and pace scores indicate how well the players are in the two fields. It is best that you choose the strikers according to your own comfort and playstyle. Good luck with your FIFA adventures! And if you need more help? Check out Best Midfielder, The Whole Nine Yards SBC Solution.

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