Coins are a currency in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and you will need a lot of them to create the best team for yourself. You can earn coins in a lot of different ways. You should not confuse coins with FIFA points, which are only obtained in exchange for real-life money. In this guide, we have shared some tips to help players easily farm a lot of coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.


Farming Coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Welp! To obtain coins fast, the most effective way is to play and win matches. Winning matches and performing well rewards you with a lot of coins. Therefore, we recommend players to perform great in all their matches and winning them to get loads of coins.

Players can also use Coin Boosts to boost the number of coins they receive after each game. Coin Boosts are unlocked through Milestones, and as you keep progressing through the season. These will be activated, and you will then receive bonus coins after each match.

Another way to get a good number of coins is by selling players that you do not want to play with anymore. To sell players, you need to go to FUT Hub, and select “Transfers”, then go in “Store”. In this menu, you will see the option to open the players’ screen. You can sell any player from here.

Quick selling a player is the easiest way to get rid of the character and obtain coins. You can also put your character up for sale in the Transfer Market. Selling players in Transfer Market is a waiting game, but you will need to have some of the best players to sell them in Transfer Market.

Division Battles and Squad Battles are also great ways to earn coins in FUT. They are the most lucrative modes in the game. These modes will reward you with bonus coins and packs for reaching levels in them. You will also get coins and rewards upon losing games so, it is kind of a win-win in these modes.

This is everything that it is for you to know about farming coins fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed FIFA 22 wiki page.