To hit a shot precisely is one of the necessary mechanics to master in FIFA 22. Shooting precisely will help you score so many goals easily. There are different types of shooting mechanics in FIFA 22, so Each type of shoot is applicable in a certain situation. In this guide, we have shared some shooting tips to help players score more goals in FIFA 22.


FIFA 22 Shooting Tips

First off, you can perform the Basic Shot in FIFA 22. This shot can be performed by pressing the O or B button on your respective console, and you will need to direct the ball with the left stick. This can be attempted when your player is facing the opposing goal. You should perform the shoot when you are in the opponent’s half, and you will most probably shoot a goal.

There are types of shots in FIFA 22. You will need to time your shot to hit a perfect one. Timing your shot is a bit tricky and following it with a second hit is what makes this skill the most difficult to get used to. You will be practicing a lot of this to get the hang of it and hit that beautiful and accurate shot to score the goal. These are the types of shots in FIFA 22:

  • Driven Low Shot: L1 + R1 + O / LB + RB + B
  • Chip Shot: L1 + B / LB + B
  • Flair Shot: L2 + B / LT + B
  • Finesse Shot: R1 +O / RB + B

If you master these shots, you will easily hit goals in most circumstances and become a top-notch player in FIFA 22. All the shots are dependent on the situation and some are extremely situational shots.

This is everything that you needed to know about hitting shots in FIFA 22. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed FIFA 22 wiki page.

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