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FIFA 22 Celebrations Guide – New Celebrations, How to Perform


Celebrations in a FIFA game are a great way to express emotion on the field. Similar to its predecessors, FIFA 22 has added a handful of new celebrations. In this FIFA 22 guide, we have detailed all there is to know about all the celebrations in the game.

FIFA 22 Celebrations

Before we begin, do note that the inputs needed to perform these celebrations are with respect to PS5 control scheme. People who are playing the game Xbox Series X or PC will need to input their corresponding ones:

Celebrations Inputs
Fingers Hold L2, R3
Time Check Hold R2, Flick RS ⇨, ⇦
Picture Hold R2, ▢
Point Hold L1, Flick Rs ⇨, ⇨

Basic Celebrations

Celebrations Inputs
Signature X
Random O
Cancel L1 + R1

Running Moves

Celebrations Inputs
Thumb Suck Hold ▢
Arms Out Squre, Hold ▢
Wrist Flick △, Hold △
Aeroplane Hold R3
Point to Sky Hold RS Up
Telephone Hold RS Down
Hands Out Flick RS ⇨, Hold RS ⇦
Come On! Flick RS ⇦, Hold RS ⇨
Blow Kisses Flick RS Down, Hold RS Up
Double Arm Swing Flick RS Up, Hold RS Down
Flying Bird Flick RS ⇨, Hold RS ⇨
Head on Head Flick RS ⇦, Hold RS ⇦
Heart Symbol Flick RS Down, Hold RS Down
Arms Pointing Up Flick RS Up, Hold RS Up
Windmill Rotate RS Clockwise

Finishing Moves

Celebrations Inputs
Patty Cake Hold L1, Flick RS ⇨, ⇨
Muevelo Hold L1, Flick RS ⇨, ⇦
Hand Loose Hold L1, Flick RS ⇧, ⇩
Motherbike Hold L1, Hold RS ⇩
Phone It In Hold L1, Hold RS ⇧
Calm Down Hold L1, Double Tap △
Giddy Up Hold L1, Press R3
Walk Like Me Hold L1, Flick RS ⇦, ⇨
Baby Girl Hold L1, Hold RS ⇦
Big Man Hold L1, Hold RS ⇨
Scissors Hold L1, Press ▢
Challenge Hold L2, Double Tap ▢
Twist Flip (Aglie players) or Spining Frog Hold L2, Rotate RS
One Eye Hold R2, Press R3
Swagger Hold R1, Double Tap ◯
Nailbiter Hold R2, Hold RS ⇧
Pigeon Hold R1, Press R3
Guitar Dance Hold R1, Flick RS ⇧, ⇧
Knee Slide Hold R1, RS Flick ⇦, Flick ⇦
Speed Walk Hold L2, RS Flick ⇨, Flick ⇨
Hand Spring Hold L1, Rotate R
Signature Finishing Move Press X
X Hold L1, Flick RS ⇩, ⇩
Timber Hold L2, Press ◯
Jump Kicks Hold R1, Hold RS ⇩
Karate Kicks Hold R1, Hold RS ⇨
Flying Dive Hold R1, Hold RS ⇧
Kiss The Ring Hold R2, Double Tap △
Cradle Swing Hold R2, Press △
Knee Walk Hold R2, Press ▢
Seated Rowing Hold R2, Flick RS ⇨, ⇨
Spin & Fall Hold R2, Flick RS ⇧, ⇧
Dance Hold R1, Flick RS ⇩, ⇩
The Worm Hold R1 + Rotate RS Clockwise
Push Ups Hold R1, Flick ⇨, ⇦
Dance 1 Hold R2, Flick RS ⇧, ⇩
Dance 2 Hold R2, Flick RS ⇨, ⇦
Cell Phone Hold L2, Press ▢
Floor Spin Hold L1, Rotate RS Counter-Clockwise
Hypnosis Hold L2, Press △
Show Respect Hold L1, Double Tap ◯
Stir The Pot Hold L2, Double Tap △
Point of the Sky Hold L1, Press ◯
Spanish Dance Hold L2, Flick RS ⇧, ⇧
Elbow Hold R1, Double Tap △
The Salute Hold R1, Press △
Mannequin Hold L2, Hold RS ⇧
I Can’t Hear You Hold L2, Hold RS ⇨
Heart Hold L2, Hold RS ⇩
Brick Fall Hold L2, Hold RS ⇦
Pipe Hold L2, Flick RS ⇧, ⇩
Metador Hold R2, Flick RS ⇩, ⇧
Golf Swing Hold R1, Flick RS ⇦, ⇨
Waddle Hold L2, Rotate RS Clockwise
Slide on Back Hold R1, Double Tap ▢
Backflips Hold R2, Double Tap ▢
Fall to Knees & Beg Hold R2, Hold RS ⇩
Kiss the Ground Hold R2, Hold RS ⇨
Old Man Hold L2, Press R3
Little Brother Hold L2, Double Tap ◯
Stand Tall Hold R1, RS Hold ⇦
Hand Bite Hold L2, Flick RS ⇩, ⇧
Scorpion Hold L2, Flick RS ⇦, ⇨
Who Am I Hold L2, Flick RS ⇨, ⇦
Neighborhood Hold L2, Flick RS ⇩, ⇩
Knee Slide Fail Hold L2, Flick RS ⇦, ⇦
Mask Hold L1, Flick RS ⇧, ⇧
Break Dance Hold R1, Flick RS ⇨, ⇨
Riding the Wave Hold L1, Press △
Praise on Knees Hold R2, Hold RS ⇦
Backwards Worm Hold R1, Rotate RS Counter-Clockwise
Uncontrolled Backflip Hold R2, Rotate RS Clockwise
Chest Thumb Hold R2, Rotate RS Counter-Clockwise
KO Hold R2, RS Flick ⇩, ⇩
Right Here Right Now Hold L1, Double Tap ▢
Hand Bite Hold R1, Press ◯
Stand Tall Hold L2, Flick RS ⇩, ⇧
Little Brother Hold R1, RS Hold ⇦

These are all the FIFA 22 Celebrations. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed FIFA 22 wiki page.

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