In the recently released FIFA 21, Custom Tactics can make or break the game. These tactics can be changed in and out of the game and determine how your players react on the field. Depending on what kind of style you’re going with, you’ll find a tactic to complement it even further. One important thing to note here is that Custom Tactics affect the entire team and not just an individual. In this FIFA 21 guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how Custom Tactics work in the game and how to change them.

FIFA 21 Custom Tactics

To access Custom Tactics, go to Ultimate Team > Squad > Squad Actions > Custom Tactics. You’ll come across 4 tabs i.e. Tactics, Formations, Instructions, Roles.

  • Formations: The second screen will let you play around with different formations.
  • Instructions: Using the screen, you’ll be able to assign instructions to individual players.
  • Tactics: On the screen, you’ll be able to change your team’s playstyles – both offensive and defensive
  • Roles: Lastly, on the screen, you’ll be able to assign roles to different players e.g. captains, corner takers, etc.

With that said, let’s talk about different defense/attack styles and how you can make the most out of them:

Defensive Styles

The following are different defensive styles you can work around in the game:

  • Drop Back – Your defenders push back and make no attempt to stay on top of attackers at all times. If you’re looking to use a more passive tactic, this is the one you need.
  • Constant Pressure – This one is the opposite of Drop Back style. Your defenders will attempt to put pressure on attackers at all times, hoping to win back the ball. A fairly risky maneuver as compared to others.
  • Balanced – A decent middle ground between Drop Back and Constant Pressure. Your defenders will try to pressure attackers but without leaving little to no space behind.
  • Pressure after Heavy Touch – Your defenders will apply pressure following a bad touch. Defenders will preserve the shape until an opportunity presents itself.
  • Pressure after Possession Lose – After your team loses possession, you’ll press for 7 seconds to win the ball back. It can, however, cause fatigue and leave your midfielders as well as attackers way out of position.

Attacking Styles

Below are all the attacking styles that you can use in FIFA 21:

  • Long Ball – If you’re interested in receiving a long ball from the top of the defense, this is the style for you.
  • Fast Build Up – This one is pretty similar to Long Ball. Immediately after winning the ball, your players will attempt to get to the pitch at the earliest. The risk that you’ll need to avert is if you lose possession, you’ll be prone to a counter-attack.
  • Possession – Your attackers will prioritize keeping possession over scoring and will only pass when it’s absolutely safe to do so – even if it means pulling back.
  • Balanced – Your players won’t break out of position and will only try to make plays at the appropriate time.

That’s how Custom Tactics work in FIFA 21. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed FIFA 21 wiki guides.

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