FIFA 20 Penalties and Free Kicks Guide – How to Score Every Time

FIFA 20 penalties and free kicks guide

FIFA 20 is a soccer game and two of the most important elements in the game are free kicks and penalties. Both of them give you an opportunity to change the direction of the match. Free Kicks and Penalties have always been a part of FIFA games but with the latest release, they have rather changed dramatically.  The brand new set-piece taking system has made notable changes to free kicks and penalties.

Since they have changed so much, you will need all the guidance to help with this new way of doing things. In our FIFA 20 Penalties and Free Kicks guide, we will tell you how to increase your chances to score every time.

FIFA 20 Penalties and Free Kicks

The first thing we will talk about are penalties and how to score them every time in EA Sports FIFA 20.  The penalties in FIFA 20 are different from previous games and can prove to be a little tricky. However, there are always ways you can improve your kicks to score the goal.

How to Score Penalties

First thing you will notice about the new system is that the pointing arrow is replaced with an aiming circle. You can move this circle around the goal net. The idea here is to aim your shot at the edge of the goal post, either top/bottom left or top/bottom right. Aim as far away from the keeper but keep in mind that the aiming circle is sensitive so you may end up missing the edge.  You will find it hard to aim due to high sensitivity of the circle but you’ll get used to it so practice a bit beforehand.

When taking the penalty, make sure you choose the best kick takers. Use RT or R2 to pick your kick taker which ensure high levels of accuracy. You aim with your left stick but do it very slowly to make sure the placement of the ball is accurate. The best position to place your shot is the top right or top left corner of the goal. It is hard for the keeper to reach which means higher chances of scoring a goal. While shooting with power may help sometimes, most of the time a two-bar power shot works much better and off-sets the keeper’s jump timing to punch the ball away. Also, it helps avoid the possibility of missing the goal.

You can also aim for the bottom left or bottom right corners of the goal but that works better if you are good at observing the goalkeeper and if he feints to a certain side.

How to Score Free Kicks

Like I mentioned, there are major changes made to free kicks and penalties. However, changes to free kicks in FIFA 20 are more dramatic compared to penalties. The design changes allow you to apply spin to your direct free-kicks via the right stick. Just like the penalties, you use the aim circle to shoot the penalties but unlike FIFA 19 you can’t move the player before a free-kick. The game offers three pre-determined spots for free kicks.

There are four types of spin you can use during free kicks

  • Top Spin – Move R from the bottom to the top with a straight or normal run-up.
  • Knuckle Ball – Move R straight down to up, then back down with Normal or Straight run-up.
  • Side Spin – Move R in a semi-circle from the bottom to the top, right or left with Normal, straight, or side run-up.
  • Mixed – Works like Side Spin but don’t move R fully over the side of the stick constraints.

It is important that you choose the best free-kick taker so this should be your first step.  Use the right stick to adjust the angle of your run-up and add more whip to the shot. Keep in mind that the faster you move the stick the move spin you put on the ball.

Use Side or Top Spin for close-range free kicks while Knuckle Ball is used for longer range shots. If you are right outside the penalty box, only put one bar of power behind your shot but take it up to two bars when 25-30 yards out.

The best way to score a free-kick is to aim outside of the goal post and curve the ball in.  Aim to the side or above the goal and use Top or Side Spin to curve it in for a better chance to score. Aim where you want to shoot when using Knuckleball free-kick.

This marks the end of our FIFA 20 penalties and free kicks guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Celebrations, best FUT attack formations, and defense guide.