Fifa fans will be delighted to know that considering all that has happened due to the pandemic, EA sports is still going full steam ahead with the annual Team of the Season promo. Marcus Thuram can now be selected into your club, player objectives make a return and one of those objectives is related to him. In this FIFA 20 guide, we are going to go over how you can complete the Team of the Season So Far Thuram objectives.


Overall the card is pretty decent, It features high tier shooting and overall quick pace. That being said, he has poor reflexes and then considering the current FIFA meta, his 3-stars/3-star weak skill moves will not go easy on him.

The objectives overall arent very hard, so it won’t be that long till you can unlock him.

How to Complete Team of the Season So Far Thuram Objectives

  • Terrific Thuram – Score and assist in 6 separate Rivals using French players, gives 300 XP
  • Creative Crosser – Assist with a cross in 2 separate Rivals matches using Bundesliga players, gives 300 XP
  • Finesse Finisher – Score a finesse goal in 5 separate Rival matches using Bundesliga Forwards, gives 300 XP
  • Scoring Strength – Score 2 goals in 2 separate Rivals matches using players with minimum 85 Physical, gives 300 XP

Your best bet is to use a team that consists of French or Bundesliga players. This way you can focus on more than a single objective per game. The only objective that requires a win is the one that needs you to have a french player.


This is how you can complete the Team of the Season So Far Thuram objectives in FIFA 20. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to complete Team of the Season So Far Toney Objectives. For more FIFA 20 content, check out our FIFA 20 guides hub.


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