FIFA 20 FUT Coins Farming Guide: How To Farm FUT Coins Fast

FIFA 20 FUT Coins

Coins are one of the main currencies in FIFA 20 which can help you get rare players. FIFA 20 has a lot of exotic players that you want to have your hands but you can’t because of the lower amount of money you have. Well, worry not as this FIFA 20 FUT Coins guide will include all the details on how to farm coins so that you can buy all the players you want.

Obviously using real money to get coins isn’t a farming method so it isn’t in this guide. During the first few weeks of the game the players will have high prices so getting hold of a lot of coins is necessary.

How To Farm FUT Coins Fast In FIFA 20

There are a lot of ways to collect a high amount of coins. First of all, go and redeem your coin bonuses in exchange for credit balances, etc. These will help you a lot in gathering coins fast. Each match after the coin boost will grant increases amount of coins. Over a month you might have twice or thrice the amount you would have without the boost.

Next, we come onto the Squad Building Challenges (SBC). These challenges require you to complete some challenges and in reward, you can get packs with a chance of getting good players. As time progresses SBC challenges also get unique and harder to complete but the reward packs are greater. Avoid the challenges that require you to buy a specific player online because the player will cost a lot because of everyone wanting it.

FIFA 20 FUT Coins

As I mentioned above the coin boosts can increase the coins you get at the end of the matches. The best modes to play are Division Rivals and Squad Battles. These modes can give more rewards than others and coin boost on top of it can help you a lot in farming a lot of coins quickly. You can play 40 games per week for the total rewards at the end of the week.

If you are an early access player and got hold of a rare player. Keep it to yourself for a while. Do not sell it immediately. No doubt the prices are high but once the game gets stable more people will want to acquire the player and the price will increase much more because of the increased demand.

If you have any consumables and fitness cards etc you can sell them for a few thousand coins. There will be massive quick sell auction in the near future and you can sell/discard all your consumables which you know you won’t need.

You can play the FIFA 20 Weekend League which can get you a lot of FUT coins. Other than that one way is to buy the incoming FUT Group of the week. These uncommon cards won’t have any value at the moment but once FIFA announces their value will increase a lot.

This marks the end of our FIFA 20 FUT Coins farming guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on custom tactics. You can also check out our guide on penalties and free kicks.