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FFXIV Mentor Requirements: How To Become A Mentor


A mentor in FFXIV is an experienced player who offers advice, guidance, and support to newcomers or less experienced players, known as mentees.

Being a mentor in FF14 comes with its set of perks. Mentors gain access to exclusive chat channels, recognition through a special mentor badge, and the satisfaction of helping others. It’s an opportunity to share your knowledge and passion for the game while contributing positively to the FFXIV community.

Battle Mentor Requirements In Final Fantasy XIV

Becoming a Battle Mentor in FF14 is a coveted status that signifies a player’s expertise. Here’s what you need to achieve to qualify:

  1. Complete the Level 90 Quests:
    • Tank Job: Successfully finish the Level 90 quest specific to a Tank job.
    • Healer Job: Complete the Level 90 quest for a Healer job.
    • DPS Job: Clear at least one Level 90 quest for a DPS Job, which can be melee, physical ranged, or magical ranged.
  2. Dungeon and Trial Experience:
    • Engage in a wide variety of combat experiences by completing at least 1,000 dungeons and trials.
  3. Community Recognition:
    • Gain acknowledgment for your teamwork and leadership skills with at least 1,500 player commendations.

Trade Mentor Requirements In Final Fantasy XIV

Trade Mentors are the backbone of the game’s economy, guiding others in crafting and gathering. To become one, you must meet these requirements:

  1. Level Achievement:
    • Gathering Job: Reach Level 90 with any Disciple of the Land (Gathering) job.
    • Crafting Job: Attain Level 90 with any Disciple of the Hand (Crafting) job.
  2. Crafting and Gathering Contributions:
    • Crafting: Demonstrate your crafting skills by synthesizing at least 100 collectibles.
    • Gathering: Show your dedication to resource acquisition by gathering at least 300 collectibles.

Once you meet the requirements, visit the Mentor Certification NPC located in the major cities of Eorzea. Speak to them and express your interest in becoming a mentor.

What is Mentor Roulette?

Mentor Roulette in FFXIV is a feature designed to aid new players by pairing them with experienced ones. It’s a system that allows max-level players to support those who are newer to the game by joining a Duty Roulette that matches them with the longest-waiting groups in the queue. Mentor Roulette includes a broad range of instanced content but excludes Savage Raids and Coils of Bahamut​​.

Unlocking Mentor Roulette

To access this helpful feature, players must meet the following prerequisites as of patch 5.2:

  1. PvE Mentor Status: You must be recognized as a PvE or Battle Mentor, which itself has specific requirements such as obtaining a set number of commendations and completing a significant amount of instanced content.
  2. Complete All Relevant Content: You need to have completed all dungeons, raids, trials, and guildhests that are included in the mentor roulette.

FFXIV Mentor Roulette Rewards

The Mentor Roulette system doesn’t just offer the satisfaction of aiding other players; it also provides tangible rewards. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect as you reach certain milestones in the number of completed roulettes:

  • After 50 completions: You are awarded the title “Mentor”.
  • After 200 completions: You receive Expeditioner’s Flyers, which is a decorative hat.
  • After 500 completions: You earn the title “Mentor of Mentors”.
  • After 1,000 completions: You are rewarded with a unique clothing item, the Dragon Monocle.
  • After 2,000 completions: You receive the two-seater mount, Astrope, which is one of the more coveted items in the game due to its rarity​​.
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