Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.5 has introduced a plethora of new content, and among them is an update for the crafters and gatherers of Eorzea. Custom deliveries make a return, this time with Margrat taking the lead. If you’re keen on diving into these weekly crafting and gathering challenges, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock Margrat’s Custom Deliveries.


Location and Prerequisites

Before you can start going on Margrat’s questline, there are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill:

  1. Job Level Requirement: Ensure you have at least one crafting (DoH) or gathering (DoL) job at Level 80 or higher.
  2. Quest Completion: Finish the Level 60 quest titled “Go West, Craftsman”. This quest can be found in Mor Dhona from the NPC Lydirlona (X:22.3, Y:6.8).
  3. Main Scenario Quest: Complete the Level 90 Main Scenario Quest, “Going Haam”. This quest is given by Urianger in Estinien’s Chambers.

After meeting the above criteria, head to Old Sharlayan. Here, you’ll find an Elezen NPC named Theopauldin in the Scholar’s Harbor area (X:13.8, Y:15.0). Engaging with him will start “A Request of One’s Own” quest, which will lead you to Margrat in Labyrinthos. After a warm welcome from Margrat, completing this quest will unlock custom deliveries with her.

How Custom Deliveries Work

Margrat offers three distinct delivery options each week:

  1. Crafters: This option is open to all crafting classes.
  2. Botanists and Miners: A separate option tailored for these gatherers.
  3. Fishers: An exclusive option for those who prefer fishing.

Your goal is to select an option based on your class and then fulfill the delivery request. The rewards you receive are determined by the Collectability rating of your item. A higher Collectability rating translates to better rewards, including gil, EXP, and both white and purple scrips. These scrips are invaluable for acquiring advanced crafting and gathering gear, rare materials, and recipe books that expand your crafting range.

Rewards for Margrat’s Custom Deliveries

While custom delivery quest lines usually take a minimum of four weeks to fully complete, the exact endgame rewards for maximizing your satisfaction meter with Margrat are still a mystery since Patch 6.5 is relatively new. Historically, rewards for custom deliveries have included minions, mounts, or unique glamour outfits. Additionally, players have the option to dress up the NPC of their custom delivery quests in any outfit of their choosing.