Final Fantasy XIV never ceases to amaze its players with a plethora of glamour outfits. One of the latest additions to the game’s wardrobe is the Gleaner Outfit, which many fans might recognize from the Dawntrail trailers showcased at the recent Fanfest events in Las Vegas and London. If you’re keen on donning this stylish attire, here’s a guide on how to get the Gleaner Outfit in FFXIV.



Before you can embark on the quest to obtain the Gleaner Outfit, there are certain requirements you must meet:

  1. Level 80 Crafting or Gathering Job: The Gleaner Outfit is tied to a specific side questline, and to access it, you need to have a crafting (DoH) or gathering (DoL) job at level 80.

How To Find Gleaner Outfit In FFXIV

The journey to the Gleaner Outfit begins in Old Sharlayan. Head over to Scholar’s Harbor (Location Coordinates: X:13.8, Y:15.0) and speak to the Elezen NPC named Theopauldin. He will provide you with the quest titled “A Request of One’s Own”, which will introduce you to Margrat in Labyrinthos.

Margrat, the researcher, offers a Custom Deliveries side questline. Each week, you can complete up to 6 custom deliveries for her based on the crafted or gathered items she requests. The quality of the items you deliver impacts her satisfaction gauge. High-quality items will fill the gauge faster. Ideally, you can achieve the fifth level of satisfaction with Margrat in about 4 weeks.

Upon reaching the fifth level of satisfaction, players will unlock the “Satisfaction Guaranteed: Margrat V” achievement and the “Sleepless Scholar” title.

After achieving the aforementioned satisfaction level, Margrat will offer you one last quest titled “The Pride of Labyrinthos”. This quest unfolds an emotional cutscene where the researchers of Labyrinthos express their gratitude to the Warrior of Light. As a token of appreciation for your efforts, at the end of this quest, you will be rewarded with the Gleaner Outfit.

Once you have the Gleaner Outfit in your possession, you can add it to your Glamour Dresser. The outfit is customizable, allowing players to dye it according to their preferences.