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FF16 Notorious Mark Locations and Battle Tips


Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) is an action-packed game filled with challenging encounters and formidable enemies known as Notorious Marks. These powerful creatures roam the world of Valisthea, posing a threat to its inhabitants. In this guide, we will explore the locations of all the Notorious Marks in FF16 and provide valuable tips on how to defeat them. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a challenge or a newcomer seeking guidance, this article has got you covered.

Notorious Marks are special enemies that players can hunt down and defeat in FF16. These creatures are considered some of the strongest foes in the game, often requiring specific strategies to overcome. The Hunt Board serves as a central hub for these hunts, providing information on the general locations of the marks. However, the exact whereabouts of each mark can be elusive, requiring players to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.

Final Fantasy 16 All Notorious Mark Locations

Ahriman Location and How to Beat

One of the first Notorious Marks players will encounter is Ahriman, a flying one-eyed creature. Ahriman is a C-Rank monster located south of Sorrowise in Rosaria. Its attacks include slow-moving projectiles and an eye laser, which can be easily dodged or countered with Clive’s Heatwave ability in the Phoenix skill tree. To beat Ahriman, stay close and utilize offensive moves while avoiding its highly telegraphed AoE attacks.

Ahriman Location on the map.

Ahriman Spoils:

  • x10 Magicked Ash
  • x1 Meteorite
  • x10 Renown
  • x5,000 gil

Aruna Location and How to Beat

Another Notorious Mark players will encounter is Aruna, also known as “The Angel of Death.” Aruna is a winged harpy located in Claireview, Sanbreque. This C-Rank monster behaves similarly to the harpies encountered earlier in the story. It utilizes both close and long-range wind attacks, which can be nullified and countered with Clive’s Heatwave ability. Players should stay close to Aruna, dodge its attacks, and capitalize on opportunities to deal extra damage.

Aruna Location on the map.

Aruna Spoils:

  • x10 Renown
  • x6,200 gil

Belphegor Location and How to Beat

Belphegor is a B-Rank Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. It can be found in the Broken Hilt area of Eastpool, Rosaria. Belphegor’s attacks include ground-based and aerial assaults, with a fire breath that splits into three streams. Players should focus on avoiding its attacks and take advantage of opportunities to strike.

Belphegor Location on the map.

Belphegor Spoils:

  • x20 Renown
  • x8,000 gil
  • x2 Dragon Talons

Dozmare Location and How to Beat

Dozmare, a B-Rank Notorious Mark, takes the form of a feathery bird with giant wings and four legs. It can be found in Caer Norvent, Sanbreque. Dozmare’s mechanics include lunging attacks and AoE ground explosions. Players must be cautious of its aerial movements and the effects it leaves on the ground, which indicate different types of attacks. Swift dodges and well-timed strikes are key to defeating Dozmare.

Dozmare Location on the map.

Dozmare Spoils:

  • x20 Renown
  • x8,500 gil

Flan Prince Location and How to Beat

The Flan Prince, an A-Rank Notorious Mark, is a dark blob with tentacles. It can be elusive to find, as it emerges from the ground. Located in Hawks Cliff, Rosaria, the Flan Prince requires players to dodge its tentacle attacks and be wary of its tall form, which signifies a powerful strike. Utilizing defensive items like Stoneskin Tonics can help mitigate the damage.

Flan Prince Location on the map.

Flan Prince Spoils:

  • x30 Renown
  • x12,000 gil
  • x1 Gelatinous Mass

Sekhret Location and How to Beat

Sekhret, a B-Rank Notorious Mark is found west of Rhiannon’s Ride in Rosaria. To reach its location, head north from Martha’s Rest waypoint.

Sekhret uses a massive weapon so be careful when it swings its weapon and performs laser-like attacks. Dodging may prove challenging, necessitating the use of Clive’s Phoenix shift or multiple consecutive dodges to avoid damage. Fortifying your defenses with Stoneskin Tonics to withstand its strikes.

Sekhret Location on the map.

Sekhret Spoils:

  • x20 Renown
  • x8,200 gil
  • x1 Minotaur Mane

Severian Location and How to Beat

North of Sorrowise in Rosaria you will find the Severian, a B-Rank Notorious Mark. To locate Severian, make your way to Martha’s Rest waypoint and head north.

Severian poses a significant challenge with its dual sword and laser-like abilities. Dodging its attacks can prove difficult, necessitating the use of Phoenix shift or well-timed dodges to evade its attacks. To increase your chances of winning, stock up on potions and Stoneskin Tonics. These consumables will bolster your defenses, allowing you to endure Severian’s combos.

Severian Spoils:

  • x20 Renown
  • x8,500 gil
  • x1 Electrum

Fastitocalon Location and How to Beat

Don’t be deceived by the gentle appearance of the Fastitocalon, a tortoise-like Notorious Mark. Located northeast of The Velkroy Desert in The Dhalmekian Republic, Fastitocalon is a B-Rank enemy.

Fastitocalon’s slow movements make it an easy target for parrying and dodging. Watch out for its water projectiles and the spinning shell mechanic. When it spins toward you, dodge out of harm’s way. Additionally, be prepared for its fast spin, which unleashes AoE ground explosions. By maintaining a safe distance and capitalizing on openings, you can beat Fastitocalon.

Fastitocalon Spoils:

  • x20 Renown
  • x10,000 gil
  • x2 Scarletites

The Notorious Marks of Final Fantasy 16 are not to be underestimated but the rewards are worth the trouble. You can get rare crafting materials including Scarletite so don’t sleep on these marks.

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