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FF16 Akashic Dragon Boss Fight Tips: How to Beat Akashic Dragon

How to Beat Akashic Dragon in Final Fantasy 16!


Are you ready to beat Akashic Dragon in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)? This boss fight is no walk in the park, but you can emerge victorious with the right strategy and a little perseverance. In this Akashic Dragon boss guide, we’ll walk you through the Akashic Dragon’s attacks, and weaknesses, and provide tips and tricks to defeat this dragon.

The Akashic Dragon is a fearsome creature that is found within the Mothercrystal, Drake’s Head, in the world of Valisthea. It is a prime example of the dangerous phenomenon known as an aetherflood, which turns living beings into mindless and destructive forces. As you approach the dragon, be prepared for its wide range of attacks and relentless assault.

Akashic Dragon’s Attacks And Counter

To defeat the Akashic Dragon, it’s crucial to understand its various attacks and develop a strategy to counter them effectively. Here are the dragon’s attacks and some tips on how to deal with them:

FF16 Akashic Dragon Boss Fight Tips
AttackDescriptionHow to Counter
FireballThe dragon spits a fireball at you from a long distance.This attack is a filler and easy to avoid. Dodge the fireball and prepare for a gap-closing lunge that often follows.
Aerial FireballThe dragon flies up into the air and spits fireballs at you.Multiple fireballs are launched in succession, but each one is heavily telegraphed. Use this opportunity to warp up to the dragon using Phoenix Shift and unleash midair attacks with Garuda.
Spinning DiveThe dragon rises into the air and performs a spinning lunge at you.The dragon spins in midair before lunging, providing an obvious telegraph. Dodge this attack easily, and consider executing a Precision Counter for added damage.
Wing SwipeThe dragon digs its wing into the ground and performs a swiping attack in a complete circle.Dodge through the attack to maintain offensive momentum. It’s an excellent opportunity to execute Precision Dodges and unleash a full Precision Counter combo.
Head Swipe The dragon leans to one side and makes a swiping attack with its head.Dodge into the attack to execute an easy Precision Counter. While not as forgiving as the Wing Swipe, it still provides an opportunity to deal significant damage.
SmashThe dragon rears up on its hind legs and smashes down at you.Dodge away from this attack to avoid it. The windup is obvious, allowing you to time your dodge effectively.
Fire LaserThe dragon rears up on its hind legs and fires a thin laser in a vertical line in front of it. The line then explodes after a few moments.Move to the side when this attack occurs, ensuring you’re not standing on a glowing part of the floor. This will help you avoid the explosion.
Aerial Fire LaserSimilar to the Fire Laser, but the dragon creates a horizontal line in front of it while in midair.Stay out of the glowing area to avoid this attack. Be mindful of your positioning and adjust accordingly.
CauterizeThe dragon flies away and performs a bombing run on the bridge, breathing huge gout of fire in a zigzag pattern.Keep an eye on the flame breath and identify a safe zone on the bridge that the zigzag pattern will miss. Move to that area promptly to avoid damage.
Aerial SomersaultWhile in midair, the dragon performs a somersault, attacking you with its tail.Dodge to the side to avoid this attack. Maintain your mobility and be prepared for the dragon’s next move.
Dragon DanceAfter a lengthy windup involving breathing fire into the air, the dragon performs multiple attacks in a row. It starts with firing multiple fireballs, followed by both horizontal and vertical Fire Lasers. Finally, the dragon performs a spinning divebomb directly at you.Each part of this attack can be dodged individually, but be mindful that all three parts will occur consecutively. Don’t let your guard down after the fireballs and be prepared to dodge the large area created by the Fire Lasers.

Despite the Akashic Dragon’s extensive list of attacks, don’t be overwhelmed. Most of its moves have long windups and clear telegraphs, making them relatively easy to predict. However, be cautious of the dragon’s powerful strikes and its substantial health bar, as this battle will test your dodging skills and endurance.

How To Beat Akashic Dragon In Final Fantasy 16

To increase your chances of success in this demanding battle, consider the following strategies:

Your strategy should be simple at the start of the fight: get to the dragon’s flank and stick to it. Many of its attacks can’t hit you if you’re at its flank. As the fight progresses, the dragon becomes more aggressive. You’ll need to dodge more often to maintain your position and avoid attacks.

When the dragon is below 33% of its health, it becomes a determined attacker, flying and using its breath weapons more regularly. You’ll need to take what hits you can, dodge more often to maintain position, and rely on quicker Eikonic Abilities.

The Akashic Dragon loves to use its Wing Swipe and Head Swipe attacks when you’re in close proximity. These attacks are easily punished, so counterintuitively, it’s advisable to stay close to the boss to provoke these moves. Use the opportunities they provide to execute Precision Counters and maximize your damage output.

Use the unique abilities at your disposal to gain an advantage in the fight against the Akashic Dragon. One particularly useful ability is Phoenix Shift, which allows Clive to warp directly to the dragon’s head, its weak spot. This ability enables you to perform full aerial combos even in midair. However, exercise caution when using this strategy, as it may make it more challenging to avoid certain attacks with deceptive hitboxes, such as the explosions from Fire Lasers.

As you chip away at the Akashic Dragon’s health, it will unleash new and more potent attacks. Expect the dragon to utilize Aerial Fire Laser, Aerial Somersault, and Cauterize as the battle progresses. Adapt your tactics accordingly and stay focused.

When the Akashic Dragon performs its devastating Dragon Dance attack, it leaves itself vulnerable for a short period afterward. Use this window of opportunity to inflict as much damage as possible, especially if you possess Eikonic abilities that deliver multiple hits.

Akashic Dragon Boss Fight Rewards

Once you manage to beat Akashic Dragon, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Experience: 90
  • Ability Points: 120
  • Gil: 3,000
  • Spoils: Bloody Hide x10, Meteorite x2, Black Blood x1

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat FF16 Akashic Dragon boss fight. Looking for help with other bosses? We have guides for Typhoon boss, Shiva’s Dominant Boss, Gigas Boss, and Morbol boss fights.

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