Game Developers Conference (GDC) is a premier professional event where we learn about new technology in gaming. It is also an event where developers come together to advance their craft. Recently GDC has become a hub for harassment, assault, and drink spiking, and multiple game developers have stepped forward to voice their concerns.

Harassment, Assault, And Drink Spiking At The Game Developers Conference (GDC)

Paige Wilson, who creates content for game devs and is the community developer at Aggro Crab Games and has formerly worked with Rose City Games and Wanderer VR, reports that she got roofied at night and that she was lucky enough to have close friends to protect her.

Julie Elven, Soundtrack Vocalist, who has worked on games such as Horizon Forbidden West and League of Legends, also voiced her concerns as mentioned in the following tweet.

Kim MacAskill, narrative director at PlayStation who has worked on League of Legends and Fable, also voiced her concerns regarding the matter.

This is not the first time that this has happened. Female game developers have had this happen to them a couple of times and have opted not to attend GDC at all.

Game dev and writer Leena also had the same to say about the drink spiking and harassment at GDC.

Games and Online Harassment Hotline has taken note of the situation and has posted about it on Twitter.

Games and Online Harassment Hotline Twitter Post about GDC 2023
Games and Online Harassment Hotline Twitter Post

Men have also come forward and shown their concern. Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg, VP at Stide PR, has the following to say regarding the harassment culture at GDC.

Everyone has the right to feel safe at such events. Considering that this is a professional event where game developers from all over the world gather, all this is very surprising and shocking.

Let us know what you think about GCD becoming a hub for harassment, assault, and drink spiking and the fact that female developers no longer feel safe at such events. Assault and harassment have become increasingly common in the gaming industry. We recently covered how this is common in big companies such as Ubisoft. Popular individuals such as SayNoToRage and Witwix have also been accused of sexual assault.


  1. I bet that itโ€™ll turn out to be as true as the claims against Brad Wardell and Chris Avellone. In other words, not true at all.

  2. I think those events have security staff and security cameras, so anything unapropriate should be reported to security, culprit identifiet and charges are made. That is if it’s not Chris Avelon all over again.
    You was drugged at event? Call the cops, do tests, let them get security footage, identify culprit and put him to jail it’s like pretty serious crime with pretty easy to get evidence, right?

  3. You were roofied? Thatโ€™s a very big claim that requires every big evidence. And until that evidence comes to light Iโ€™m just going to assume youโ€™re a lightweight that canโ€™t handle your alcohol. In fact, why are you drinking alcohol at all at a press event? Seems very irresponsible. I will gladly eat every one of these words if evidence of you all being roofied appears, but I am willing to bet it will not.

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