Horizon Forbidden West’s new Burning Shores DLC is out now, and if you are trying to reach the volcano, then you will need to open the Armory Door, which requires Fedder’s Key. How you can get the key is not really straightforward forward, but you do not need to worry about it. In this Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores guide, we go over how you can get Fedder’s Key and open the armory door.

Where To Find Fedder’s Key In Horizon Forbidden West

From the armory door, you need to head back and get out of the room. Head northwest, and you will find a pair of huge arches that have glowing holograms. Cross them and head to the door on the left. Head inside and cross the door on the left. There will be specters in the area, so you do need to deal with them or avoid them.

Traverse forwards and get outside of Raptor Park. Head towards the left side of the entrance of the park. You will find Brimshine on your route. Head into the door right next to the Brimshine, and this is where you will find Fedder’s Key.

Opening the door will trigger a cutscene featuring Fedder. Without giving away spoilers, know that once the cutscene is over, you will need to defeat some enemies, so do come prepared. You can then loot Fedder’s key once you have defeated the enemies.

Once you have the key, you can head back to the armory door and use the key to open it. This will let you proceed further towards the volcano. This is how you can get Fedder’s Key In HFW: Burning Shores DLC. If you want to learn more, then you can check out our Horizon Forbidden West guides hub.

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