Like other RPGs, Starfield has the option to fast travel. While you can always take the longer scenic route, fast travel will save you some time. Fast traveling is flexible in Starfield, but there are a couple of limitations that you should know about. In this Starfield guide, we go over how you can fast travel and the limitations of the feature.


How To Fast Travel In Starfield

To fast travel in Starfield, you need to open the menu and head to the Starmap in the top right. If you are on a planet, then you will open up the surface map, but if you are in space, then the Starmap will pop up. You do have the option to switch between the two. You can click on any location that you have discovered on the surface map and confirm to fast travel there. You also have the option to fast travel to your ship.

There are some situations in which you cannot fast travel. These include when you have too many heavy items, and the load is too much, you are in the middle of combat, and lastly, if you do not have enough fuel in your ship for warp jumping.

Once you are over the carrying capacity, not only are you limited from fast traveling, but you will also consume more oxygen and stamina. You can take some things out of your inventory to solve this problem. Investing in the Weightlifting skill will increase the amount of weight that you can carry.


If your ship does not have the fuel to make the jump, then you can do some extra jumps to closer planets. This is going to take more time, and you will have to sit through more loading screens. You can also add more HE3 to your ship’s tank or invest in the Astrodynamics skill, which reduces the amount of fuel needed for longer jumps.

This is how you can fast travel in Starfield. To learn more, check out our guide on the best physical skills. For more content, check out our Starfield guides hub.


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