How to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise fast travel

Despite it being a Nintendo Switch game, Monster Hunter Rise comes with a pretty huge map. Although not as big as Monster Hunter World, it’s big enough to require fast travel for convenience. In this guide, I will explain how to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise by unlocking Fast Travel points.

Fast Travel is a feature introduced originally in Monster Hunter World. The feature allowed you to fast-travel unlocked campsites across the map. In Monster Hunter Rise, fast travel works in a pretty similar manner to Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Fast Travel

To fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise, press and hold (-) to open the full map and press A on an unlocked fast travel point. Keep in mind that you can’t fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise during combat.

No matter what type of monster you are fighting, fast travel won’t work when in combat. You need to lose aggro before you try to fast travel in MHR.

There are multiple campsites in Monster Hunter Rise and you can unlock them as you progress further into the game. Also, you can fast travel to individual facilities including Buddy Plaza and Gathering Hub, this means you don’t have to wait until campsites are unlocked.

As soon as more information is available, we will update this guide with details on how to unlock campsites in Monster Hunter Rise. As far as we can tell so far, it happens through natural progression and side activities.

And that’s how you fast-travel in the new Monster Hunter game. Need more help? See how to capture Monsters, Felvine Bulb abilities, Somnacanth, Bishaten, Wirebug guides.

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