Fast and Furious: Crossroads Trophies Guide – How to 100% the Game

Fast and Furious Crossroads trophies

Fast and Furious Crossroads is out now and while the reactions are mixed, it doesn’t matter to the completionists among us. Those who want to 100% the game would do so regardless of how others receive it. In this guide, we will tell you everything about Fast and Furious Crossroads trophies. There are over 50 trophies and achievements in Fast and Furious Crossroads.

How to Get All Fast and Furious Crossroads Trophies

The following are all the trophies from the game and the way to get them all.


Earned all other trophies (Platinum)


Prevented the ECLPS satellite from launching (Gold)

Takedown King IV

Completed 200 Takedowns in Online OPS (Gold)

Kinetic King IV (Secret)

Reached Cam with more than 120 seconds left on the timer (Silver)

Safety Net (Secret)

Discovered the True Nature of ECLPS (Silver)

Justice Served (Secret)

Made an Important Decision (Silver)

Tunnel Run (Secret)

Escaped the Cave-in (Silver)

Takedown (Secret)

Faced off against Ormstrid (Silver)


Played 400 Online OPS (Silver)


Been MVP 100 Times (Silver)

Takedown King III

Completed 150 Takedowns in Online OPS (Silver)

Unstoppable III

Earned a Takedown Streak of 20 in Online OPS (Silver)


Completed 200 Busts in Online OPS (Silver)

Tadakhul (Secret)

Uncovered a new Mystery (Bronze)

Speedy Recovery (Secret)

Reached the Recovery Site Before a Rival Firm Got There (Bronze)

Playing Into Paranoia (Secret)

Ignored all of Sebastian’s Delusions (Bronze)

Perfect Preparation (Secret)

Delivered the Race Fuel (Bronze)

The House Always Wins (Secret)

Won Mauricio’s Double or Nothing Offer (Bronze)

Scramble (Secret)

Scaped the Cops With Less Than 50% Damage (Bronze)

Mrs. Alpha (Secret)

Called Upon an Old Acquaintance (Bronze)

Solid Surveillance (Secret)

Followed the Truck Without Being Spotted (Bronze)

Extreme Prejudice (Secret)

Stole the Cars and Took Down the Dirty Cops

Mosquito (Secret)

Started Down a Path for Revenge (Bronze)

Canyon Chaos (Secret)

Caused, and then escaped, an Avalanche (Bronze)

Needs of the Many (Secret)

Recovered the ECLPS Device At a Cost (Bronze)

A Link to the Past (Secret)

Unearthed a Larger Conspiracy (Bronze)

Evasive Maneuvers (Secret)

Followed Salome’s Instructions But No Cops Got Killed (Bronze)

Snake Fight (Secret)

Discovered the Link Between Kai and Ormstrid (Bronze)

Race the Future (Secret)

Won the New Orleans Rally Without Taking Any (Bronze)

One Step Ahead (Secret)

Delivered the Second ECLPS Device to Ormstrid (Bronze)

Causeway Chase (Secret)

Rescued Roman (Bronze)

The Road Ahead

Finished Your First Online OPS (Bronze)

All Sides of the Law

Completed an Online Op as a Hero, Villain, and Cop

One World

Completed an Online Op at All Locations in the Base Game (Bronze)


Assisted 40 Teammates (Bronze)


Completed 3 Online Ops in a Row Without Being Taken Down (Bronze)

Iron Man

Won 3 Online Ops in a Row (Bronze)


Played 25 Online Ops (Bronze)


Played 100 Online Ops (Bronze)


Played 225 Online Ops (Bronze)


Become the MVP (Bronze)


Been MVP 10 Times (Bronze)


Been MVP 25 Times


Been MVP 50 Times (Bronze)

Takedown King I

Completed 50 Takedowns in Online Ops (Bronze)

Takedown King II

Completed 100 Takedowns in Online Ops (Bronze)

Unstoppable I

Earned a Takedown Streak of 5 in Online Ops (Bronze)

Unstoppable II

Earned a Takedown Streak of 10 in Online Ops (Bronze)


Completed 50 Busts in Online Ops (Bronze)


Completed 125 Busts in Online Ops (Bronze)

There all of the trophies you can get in Fast and Furious Crossroads.

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