In the Farthest Frontier, one way to make money is by trading with external merchants. Trading benefits you because you can receive gold for items your townspeople produce. Following are the things that you need to start trading.

How to Trade in Farthest Frontier

  • Setting-Up Trading Post
  • Attract Merchants
  • Transferring Goods

Setting-Up Trading Post

A Trading Post is a place where you can buy and sell goods in the Farthest Frontier. You can also use it to trade gold for goods or vice versa. It’s a valuable commodity, so if you’re looking to expand your town’s production, you’ll want to invest in one.

Attract Merchants

Once you’re done building the Trading Post, merchants will visit your town regularly to trade goods with you. It’s not like every merchant needs the same things. Therefore, you need to show them varieties to attract them. Keep in mind the prices are variable as per the merchant’s demands.

Pro Tip: Upgraded Trading Post timely as it will attract wealthier merchants.

Transferring Goods

For the safety of both buyer/seller, you must submit the trading goods to the trading post. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Choose the Goods You Want to Trade
  • Set the Quantity of the Goods
  • Press Confirm Button

You must have gold on hand to trade with merchants at your trading post. Gold can be acquired via taxes or through selling goods. Also, you can decide if you want to buy goods immediately or keep them stored in the trading post for future use. The only danger to trading posts is raiders; they will steal everything, so be prepared to defend against them.

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