Keeping your people healthy, wealthy, and wise is crucial to your success in Farthest Frontier. Diseases can run through your villages and wreak havoc, so it is your job to prevent diseases. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about preventing diseases in Farthest Frontier.

Diseases will affect the most vulnerable of your cities, namely those injured or living in unsanitary conditions.

How to Prevent Diseases in Farthest Frontier

Here are some general tips that you must follow to prevent all diseases.

  • Build more wells, enough for all villagers
  • Build a rat catcher
  • Have enough Firewood
  • Melee combat with animals can cause rabies, so avoid it if possible
  • Have enough shoes for your villagers
  • An efficient Compost Yard is a must
Disease  How to Prevent  Cause 
Cholera  Ensure clean water supply and timely waste disposal through the Compost Yard.  Contaminated water 
Worms  Build rat catchers, provide enough soap, and adequate shoes.  Unsanitary conditions and barefoot. 
Typhoid  Build rat catchers. Provide enough soap, and ensure timely waste disposal.  Unsanitary conditions and rats. 
Tetanus  Build Healer’s House  Treat foot wounds. 
Scurvy  Have enough berries and fruits by building an Orchard.  Lack of ascorbic acid in villagers. 
Rabies  Avoid being bitten or wounded by animals.  Animal bites. 
Influenza  Build a Healer’s House and have enough herbs to treat patients. The disease is seemingly unavoidable.  Viral infection, is unavoidable. 
Fractured Bone  Build Healer’s House. Fractures cannot be prevented, only treated.  Injuries. 
Foot Wound  Build Cobbler and increase shoe production.  Foot injuries due to lack of shoes. 
Food Poisoning  Have enough Firewood.  Eating uncooked food. 
Dehydration  Build enough Wells.  Lack of clean water. 
Exposure  Have enough Firewood.  Exposure to cold weather. 
Dysentery  Build enough Wells.  Lack of clean water. 

That’s everything you need to know about preventing diseases in the game. Need more help? See how to kill a bear and a wolf.

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