The Pantheon is the progression system in Age of Wonders 4 and through it, you gain XP by playing the game which rewards you with cosmetic items, faction traits, gear for heroes, etc. The more you level up the more rewards you earn. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we go over how you can farm Pantheon XP fast in the game.

Farming Pantheon XP In Age Of Wonders 4

Completing different tasks will reward you with Pantheon XP. Killing heroes or conquering cities, for example, earns you 5-10 XP but this is not the fastest method of farming Pantheon XP in Age of Wonders 4. To farm Pantheon XP quickly in Age of Wonders 4, you need to compete with the AI in 1v1 on the smallest map possible. You can decrease the difficulty of the AI to make things even easier and quicker. We can also recommend picking an offensive faction with the Tome of Zeal to attack the enemy early on.

Pantheon XP farming

Winning a game no matter whether it is against a player or the AI will reward you with 500 Pantheon XP. With a small map and a single easily beatable enemy faction, you will be able to farm Pantheon XP very quickly.

What You Should Pick From The Pantheon Rewards

You can get numerous customization items and realms from the Pantheon but we can recommend the culture trait Chosen Destroyers. Chosen Destroyers can only have a single city but gain permanent resource income when razing other cities. Everyone is also going to hate you so you do not need to worry about declaring war. This is a great Pantheon reward that you should pick if you always go for military victory and like to take over everything on the map.

We can also recommend the Silver Tongued trait which reduces the cost of trade deals with free cities by 100% which means that you can rob the free cities and they will love you for it.

This is how you can farm Pantheon XP fast in Age of Wonders 4. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our factions guide. You can also check out our guide on how you can get the Special Godir Helmet.

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