Nopon Coins are used as a form of currency in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This currency is vital as it is used for crafting, getting items, and even increasing the class level of your heroes. In this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide, we are going to go over how you can farm Nopon Coins.

Nopon Coins can be used to unlock classes that are locked. You can also use the coins to quickly cook food and craft gems. So they can be really important in the game.

Nopon Coins Farming In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are a couple of different ways in which you can earn Nopon Coins in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. All the different methods are mentioned below:

Quest Rewards

You can earn Nopon Coins by simply progressing the game and completing different quests. We recommend completing quests as you progress the story in order to gain Coins, XP, and other rewards.

Defeat Unique Monsters

On the field, you will often find unique monsters. You can get Nopon Coins by defeating these unique enemies. Do note that if these monsters are at the same level as you then they can be tricky to beat. You can always train and come back to take them down when you are ready.

Containers Have Coins

At times you can get Nopon Coins from containers on the field. Locations of containers are shown on the mini-map which makes finding them easier.

Monster Skirmishes

You can earn Nopon Coins as a reward for completing monster skirmishes. You can also get XP from these but we recommend going with Nopon Coins as you can only pick one. You can earn experience points from regular battles as well.

These are the different sources of farming Nopon Coins in Xenoblade 3. You can also check out our guide on roles and classes in the game.

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