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How To Farm Food Fast In Age Of Empires 4


Food is one of the most important resources in Age Of Empires 4 and the one that is going to matter the most when you start a new game. You need it to get more villagers early on and later on for various upgrades and training your troops. In this Age Of Empires 4 guide, we are going to go over how you can farm food fast in the game.

Farming Food In Age Of Empires 4

When you start the game at age 1, you will not have enough resources to do much. You will have a couple of villagers and a scouting unit. Use the scouting unit to look around your town center and find animals that you can control and harvest food from. You can typically find sheep around your settlement but depending on the map, you might find other animals.

Animals And Berry Bushes Early Game

Harvesting animals is a free way of getting food early on. While your villagers are getting food from animals, you should create more villagers from the town center. Once you have a new villager, have it build a house in order to increase your population limit. You can even hunt wild animals such as boar and deer but that is not what I personally like to do.

While that is being built, look around your town center for bushes that you can gather berries from. This is the next source of food that you are going to use. Once the house has been built, have the villager make a mill next to the berries in order to make gathering quicker.

Fishing Boats And Farms Mid-Game

While your villagers are gathering berries, you can get 1-2 new villagers and have them gather wood, which you are going to need to make a dock and then create fishing boats. Once you have enough food, you can advance to the next age. Once you advance, you should create a few more villagers and build another house. Now you build a dock and create a couple of fishing boats in order to get food from the open waters.

The berry bushes are going to be exhausted pretty quickly and are not a source of stable food. Since you have a mill built, you can build farms around the mill in order to get a permanent source of food. Build the farms right next to the mill in order to shorten gathering time. If you do not want to build a mill then you can build farms around your town center. If you are playing as the English civilization, you do get a buff for building farms around the mill. So keep that in mind.

Remember Your Resource Upgrades And Market

Remember to get the upgrades from the lumberjack and the mill in order to increase food and wood gathering rates. You can upgrade the fishing boat in the docks in order to increase their food gathering rates as well. Later on in the game, when you advance to the second age and have a market, you will be able to buy food using gold.

This is how you can farm food fast in Age Of Empires. To learn more about the game check out our guide on how you can pay tribute. You can also check out our guide on how you can capture scared sites. For more content related to the game, check out our Age Of Empires 4 guides hub.

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