The best weapons in Far Cry 6 are unique ones that you can pick up from different locations in the game. Each weapon type in Far Cry 6 has its own unique set so you will see unique rifles, pistols, SMGs, and more. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about all Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles Locations.


Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles Locations

Location #1 (Death Rites): Found in Maldito.

Location #2 (Fuck Anton): Complete Chorizo’s Yaran Story Fetch Quest. Chorizo will give you a key that will open the chest on Isla Santuario, Quito, Prado, Meadows, Casas Cove, sitting on a small island.

Location #3 (Zona-51): Go to Old Pueblo and search the La Divinidad.

Location #4 (Urushi): Found in the shipping yards of Esperanza.

Location #5 (Hi-Fi): Found at the El Rancho Bicho in Cielo Gardens.

Location #6 (Surf & Turf): Complete Crocodile Tears treasure hunt.

Location #7 (One Ping Only): Complete The Lion’s Den Operation.

Location #8 (Noblesse Oblige): Go to Isabel Steppes and look for this weapon in the Museum of False Revolution.

Location #9 (Sharkbite): Go to Fernando Valley and search for the weapon in Roco Pequena Sat Station.

Location #10 (Viva Libertad): Go to Prado Meadows and look for this weapon at the Punto Norte Lighthouse.

Location #11 (Camo Quinceanera): Complete A Rising Tide treasure hunt.

Location #12 (Vaya Con Dios): Go to Mirador Cape and search the Gabriel Castillo Airport.

And that’s everything you need to know to find all Far Cry 6 Unique Rifles. Need more help? See How to Get Gun Powder, Supremos Locations.

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