One of the best parts of Far Cry 6 is Supremos. They are extremely fun weapons to use even though the cooldown duration puts a damper on things sometimes. The destruction and chaos these gadgets can bring to Yara is extremely satisfying. In this guide, we will discuss all the Supremos Locations to help you find them all in Far Cry 6.


Far Cry 6 Supremos Locations

In total, there are 7 Supremos in the game. You can carry these gadgets on your back and use them to do significant damage to enemies among other things. Using Supremos you can take down choppers, tanks, and trucks, etc.

Location #1 (Exterminator): You get this one as part of the main story after you complete a few missions on the first Island. It is a starting Supremo and can launch homing missiles that lock on targets.

Location #2 (Fantasma): You can get this Supremo from Juan. It can launch poison gas that makes enemies go berserk and attack each other.

Location #3 (Volta): You get this from Juan as well. Volta is stealth and strategic Supremo. Not the most fun kind and in most cases doesn’t fit with the style of Far Cry gameplay. It emits an EMP pulse that shuts down cameras, knocks over enemies, and allows enemy vehicle hijacking.

Location #4 (Furiso): Available ay Juan at Rank 3. It is capable of emitting a fire ring that burns enemies to a crisp. Press jump to push forward in mid-air.

Location #5 (Medico): Purchased from Juan at Rank 4. If you plan to play in co-op then this Supremo is the best. It gives you the ability to self revive and also heal allies over time.

Location #6 (Gladiator): Purchased from Juan at Rank 5. This one allows you to go into rage mode and unleash melee attacks. It is great against tougher enemies who just won’t die.

Location #7 (Triador): You need to complete Triada Blessings Yaran Story to get this one. It gives you the ability to mark enemies in cover. Combine it with the La Varita Rifle to shoot through walls.

That’s the complete list of Supremos available in Far Cry 6. Need more help? See PC Optimization Tips, Juan of a Kind Walkthrough.

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