Among the plethora of things you can do in Far Cry 6 is the grind to unlock trophies and achievements. One trophy, known as the Recrooster trophy, will have you chasing down 19 Rooster locations. In this guide,  we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all Rosters in the game.

Far Cry 6 Rooster Locations – Recrooster Trophy

The easiest way to spot a Rooster is by keeping an eye on the mini-map. When you are close to a Rooster a white crate icon appears on the map.

Location #1: When you reach Costa Del Mer Montero Farm, you can pick up a rooster in the chest near the cockfighting ring.

Location #2: You can get this one during the Spur of the Moment Yaran Story. The quest takes you to a bunker that has the Rooster. This Yaran Story is accepted from a person standing next to the cockfighting ring.

Location #3: This one is in Acero, Madrugada. Look for it near a thatched-roof shack on the outskirts of Verdera.

Location #4: This one is in Madrugada as well near the cliffside of Cortina River in Serpentino Park.

Location #5: Go to the Castillo National Zoo and look under a thatched-roof chicken.

Location #6: South of the Botanical Gardens of Yara there is a chicken farm. Go inside and look for a blue house. Behind the house is a rooster.

Location #7: You will find a rooster at the gated community west of Muerte Point, El Fenix. Look under a covered table.

Location #8: Go to La Muerte Negra, and check the outskirts of Segunda.

Location #9: El Huevo is in El Este where you need to search the cliffside Local La Joya PDP Offices in Mirador Cape. It is inside an enemy area.

Location #10: You get it during Everything to Lose Yaran Story.

Location #11: Go to Hermoso and look in the pens at Bonilla Farm in western Savannah Fields.

Location #12: Go to La Bala De Plata and reach the Alvarez Farm on the Vacia Coast. It is on the back of a cart near the leaves.

Location #13: You can pick it up during The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt. The rooster in the Casas del Lodo Residences in Esperanza.

The rest of the Roosters are Ubisoft connect rewards but you won’t need them to unlock the trophy. Need more help? See Depleted Uranium Locations, Rides Locations, Getting Supremo Bonds.

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