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Far Cry 6 Rides Locations Guide

There are 4 vehicles in total that Dani can unlock in Far Cry 6. Once unlocked, these cars can be called using the Item Wheel. Since the open-world of the game is massive, roaming around Yara in a car is a huge time-saver – another option that Dani can utilize is a horse. But how does the player get his/her hands on a shiny new vehicle in the game? In this guide, we have shared the locations of all the rides that Dani can unlock in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Rides Locations

Finding cars in the game is not hard. Successfully unlocking all the cars in the game rewards the ‘Car Cry’ trophy/achievement which is needed to get the 100% completion status. Below, we have shared the locations of all the rides that can be found in the game:

Juan’s 1956 Beaumont Valentina
This is an unmissable car in Far Cry 6 and is automatically unlocked at the beginning of the ‘Fuel the Revolution’ main quest. Juan will tell Dani about using the ‘Item Wheel’ to call in a car. Upon using the feature, Dani will be introduced to Juan’s 1956 Beaumont Valentina.

1985 Tokai Sabuku
This is hidden inside an FND Storage Facility in Catalina Ridge, La Joya. However, entering the building can be a little tricky. Climb on top of the digger to get inside. From there, head upstairs to locate the ride.

Yami’s 2008 KAG TG
This car is a reward for completing the ‘Backseat Driver’ quest.

1962 Verazzano Bravo
The last car in Far Cry 6 can be acquired after winning a Gran Premio Race. There are multiple locations where Grand Premio Races take place.

Once all the rides have been found, the ‘Car Cry’ trophy/achievement should pop-up.

These are the locations of all the rides in Far Cry 6. Feel free to check out our detailed Far Cry 6 wiki page for more help on the game.

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