Far Cry 6 is the latest addition to the franchise and as a whole is more PC-friendly compared to other Ubisoft franchises like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed, although AC Valhalla is pretty optimized. I got to play Far Cry 6 before its release and was able to test out the game in terms of performance. I have to say it’s a well-optimized PC port but, still, mid-range PC players will have to make some compromises to get 60 PFS. This Far Cry 6 PC Optimization Guide will help players with how to get 60FPS At 1080p.


Far Cry 6 PC Optimization Guide

As I mentioned above, Far Cry 6 is a well-optimized PC port. I was surprised by its optimization when I ran the game on a GTX 1060 6GB GPU. I was able to run the game at Ultra settings and it managed to stay between 30-40 FPS.

The game being optimized doesn’t mean mid-range GPUs will be able to just run the game at higher settings and get 60 FPS. PC gamers have to make some compromises to get Far Cry 6 running at 60 FPS. The target PC for this optimization is as follows.

CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F 6 Cores/6 Threads
GPU: Zotac GTX 1060 AMP Edition 6GB
Storage: 1TB SSD

There are two reasons why I chose a GTX 1060. One is the shortage of GPUs in the market and the other is that a significant portion of PC gamers still use GTX 1060. The optimization I mention here, players can scale those to their own PCs.

In this Far Cry 6 PC Optimization Guide, I will explain the game’s graphics settings and will also recommend the best option to get 60 FPS. Ubisoft has made some strange choices like merging certain graphics settings into one. The following are the Far Cry 6 PC optimizations for 1080p/60 FPS gaming.

Texture Filtering

This particular graphics setting controls the quality of ground textures at a distance. Usually, when Texture Filtering is lowered, the ground textures become blurry when seen at an angle. The lower the settings, the closer the distance of the blurred textures.

In the case of Far Cry 6, Ubisoft has also tied Texture Resolution or Texture Quality in this very graphics setting. However, In my testing, I didn’t find much of a performance difference when I lowered Texture Filtering. If you have a GPU with 4GB VRAM or above, chose Ultra for this graphics setting.

Recommended: Ultra


Shadows is a self-explanatory graphics setting in Far Cry 6. It controls the quality of shadows and the distance at which the shadows can render. The higher the setting, the better resolution and the farther from the camera the shadows will render. This is one of the most performance-impacting settings in the game.

Recommended: Medium

Geometry And Vegetation

Geometry And Vegetation determines the in-game vegetation quality and the Level Of Detail. This graphics setting controls the density and distance of in-game vegetation also how far complex details can be rendered. This is one of the most performance-impacting settings.

Recommended: Medium


Environment graphics setting in Far Cry 6 controls two things reflection and in-game light sources. This setting determines the distance at which reflections can be rendered on reflective surfaces and how far in-game light sources can be rendered. The lower the settings, the closer the reflections and light sources i.e street lights can be seen.

Recommended: Medium


This graphics setting controls the quality of Water. It isn’t a heavy setting and players can easily set it at High. However, it also comes down to the personal preference of the player. Since you won’t be looking at water most of the game, do you want to save performance by lowering it or keep it at high.

Recommended: High


This Far Cry 6 graphics setting controls tesselation and parallax mapping on the ground textures. The higher the setting, the better ground textures will look due to increased tesselation at a distance from the camera.

Recommended: High

Volumetric Fog

Volumetric Fog controls the in-game volumetric effects like fog and light shafts. The higher the setting, the better the fog the light-shafts will look. Choosing Medium for this setting, really makes volumetric effects look low resolution.

Recommended: High

HD Textures

HD Textures is a bonus graphics setting for GPUs with high VRAM. However, in my testing, I found that enabling HD Textures for a 6GB GTX 1060 makes things worse as the gun textures and ground textures became low resolution and high-res textures never loaded from them.

Even though the in-game VRAM Counter tells us that the game is using less than 5 GB of VRAM. Either it’s a bug or you need a GPU with at least 8 GB of VRAM to enable HD Textures.

Update: Turns out you need a GPU with at least 11 GB of VRAM to actually be able to use this option.

Recommended: Off


Anti-Aliasing removes jagged edges on the in-game textures and makes Far Cry 6 look smooth. Players have two options here, TAA and SMAA. TAA is the best one since it completely resolves the aliasing issue but the performance cost is high. SMAA has a relatively low-performance cost but the aliasing resolve isn’t as good.

Recommended: TAA

Motion Blur

This graphics setting doesn’t have much impact on performance. However, enabling it comes down to the player’s preference. Some players like to enable motion blur while others don’t.

Recommended: Player’s choice

FidelityFX CAS

This is a sharpening filter that removes blurriness or softness introduced with TAA. Enabling it really shows the in-game details that are otherwise obscured by TAA softness.

Recommended: Player’s choice

Field Of View Scaling

This is a FOPV slider, the higher the setting the more players can see horizontally. However, increasing it can cause performance degradation.

Recommended: 80

Adaptive Resolution

This option allows the game to dynamically lower Far Cry 6’s rendering resolution to maintain the game at certain FPS. Players can enable it to get a smooth 60 FPS. However, in my testing, it didn’t work as intended as after enabling it, the game was still running around 50 FPS. Could be a bug.

Recommended: Off

FidelityFX Super Resolution

This setting allows the supported GPU to render the game at a lower resolution then upscale it to native resolution. If you enable it, the game locks the anti-aliasing option and only uses TAA. Players have four options, Ultra Quality, Quality, Balance, and Performance. It’s up to the player’s preference what would they sacrifice for 60 FPS.

Recommended: Ultra Quality

Far Cry 6 Optimized Settings For 60 FPS

Now that I’ve explained what each of the Far Cry 6’s graphics settings do and their performance impact, the following are the optimized setting for the 60 FPS experience on a GTX 1060 6GB at 1080p.

Texture Filtering – Ultra
Shadows – Medium
Geometry And Vegetation – Medium
Environment – Medium
Water – High
Terrain – High
Volumetric Fog – High
HD Textures – Off
Anti-Aliasing – TAA
Field Of View Scaling – 80
Adaptive Resolution – Off
FidelityFX Super Resolution – Ultra Quality

Note that, I am aiming for 60 FPS without compromising image quality. So these tweaks will hold 60 FPS most of the time and players will only encounter single frame drops or at max two in certain situations. You can see the video below to check how Far Cry 6 performs on these 60 FPS optimized settings.

Other PC Optimizations And Tweaks

The above tweaks will surely get you the 60 FPS experience at 1080p resolution. There are other tweaks that will help players to squeeze more performance.

First, select High-Performance for your Windows power plan. In my testing, I noticed that Far Cry 6 doesn’t utilize the resources properly if Balanced is selected for the power plan.

Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select Far Cry 6 from the drop-down list or add it if it isn’t there. Make the following changes and hit apply.

Anti-aliasing-Gamma Correction – Off
Antialiasing Mode – Application Controlled
Antialiasing Transparency – Off
Low Latency Mode – Ultra
Power Management – Prefer Maximum Performance
Shader Cache – On only if you are using an HDD. Don’t need to enable it for an SSD.
Texture filtering – Quality – High Performance
Threaded Optimization – On
Triple Buffering – Off
Vertical Sync – Use the 3D application setting

These tweaks will ensure that you get the most out of your PC, especially, the GPU.

That is all for our Far Cry 6 PC Optimization Guide with tips on how to get 60 GPS at 1080p resolution on a mid-range GPU. If you are facing errors and issues with the game, then see out Far Cry 6 Errors and Fixes guige. In case you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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