Juan of a Kind is the main story quest in Far Cry 6. It takes place on the first Island is part of the game’s tutorial system. Clara wants you to find Juan at a bar in the town next to her base. This is also the quest that gets you the first companion in Far Cry 6, Guapo the Alligator. Below is the complete walkthrough for Juan of a Kind main mission.


Far Cry 6 Juan of a Kind Walkthrough

Juan Cortez is hanging out at the bar on the beach with Guapo. After you get the quest from Clara, a general location marker will appear on the screen. Simply follow the marker to reach the beach where a cutscene will start when you are close enough.

Your character will meet Juan and watch him shoot someone in the head. You will also be introduced to Guapo. After the cutscene, you and Juan will be in a gunfight.

Once you manage to secure the beach the quest is pretty much complete. All you need to do is follow Juan back to Clara’s base camp. While you travel back, you will come across a small checkpoint that is easy to clear. Gather the supplies from the checkpoint and move on.

You will also have your tutorial for engaging with Guapo. When you reach the camp the quest will be complete. For your next mission, speak with Juan.

And that’s all there is to know about Far Cry 6 Juan of a Kind mission. Need more help? See Far Cry 6 PC Optimization Guide.