How To Get Gun Powder In Far Cry 6

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Far Cry games have allowed players to customize their weapons with attachments and mods and Far Cry 6 is no different. In Far Cry 6 players can apply mods to their weapons to make them better but, players need materials to apply these mods. One material required is Gun Powder which is also not very easy to find. This Far Cry 6 guide will help players with how to get Gun Powder.

How To Get Gun Powder

Acquiring Gun Powder isn’t hard as it’s rewarded to players for certain activities. Players will get Gun Powder by stealing a Supply Drop. Players get 1 Gun Powder for every supply drop.

Players can bribe soldiers to mark chests on the map. These FND caches have a black and red color scheme. Opening these crates can get players Gun Powder but, not every cache will give one. Another way to get Gun Powder is through ambushes. Completing ambushes net players 1 Gun Powder along with a weapon crafting material.

In short, Ambushes and Supply drops are guaranteed ways to get gun powder is Far Cry 6.

That is all for our Far Cry 6 guide on how to get Gun Powder. For more on the game, also see Juan of a Kind Walkthrough Guide.

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