Far Cry 6 Companions (Amigos) Guide: How to Unlock All Amigos


In the waste open-world of Far Cry 6 there are many threats but you won’t have to take on the threats alone. You have some cute but deadly companions at your side to help you conquer Yara. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to unlock all Amigos in Far Cry 6.

Unlock All Far Cry 6 Amigos (Companions)

In total, there are 5 companions aka Amigos in the game. They are part of the game’s story most of the time while sometimes you may need to wander off the beaten path to get them.

Guapo the Alligator

Type: Combat Amigo

To unlock Guapo the Alligator you need to meet up with the resistance forces as part of the game story. When you meet Clara for the first time, she sends you to see Juan at the bar in the next town. Guapo is with Juan and joins you automatically after the cut-scene. You get to test out his skills immediately in the gunfight. Guapo can attack and distract enemies effectively.

Chorizo the Pup

Type: Stealth Amigo

Chorizo is a cute little differently-abled pup with wheels attached to his hind legs. You meet Chorizo as part of the main story when you go to meet Philly at his workshop. However, unlock Cherizo when you pet him at the Montero Farm in Mogote Foothills and complete a Fetch Quest where you need to bring Chorizo croc meet. The croc meet can be found at the Yaran Crocodile Hunting Spot south of the farm.

Chorizo is not a fighter, instead, it can create distractions and grab you more ammo and guns from dead enemies.

Chicharron the Cock

Type: Combat Amigo

To unlock Chicharron you need to speak with Reinaldo at the Alvarez Farm in Vacia Coast and complete Man’s Best Enemy, Pecking Orders, and Wingman side quests. Chicharron is a combat amigo which means he can attack enemies making him useful in combat situations.

Boom Boom the Doggo

Type: Stealth Amigo

To unlock Boom, read the shipping note at Camp Maximas in Cienaga Nublada National Park and complete Boom or Bust Yaran Story. You can find him trapped in a blue container at the “Feroza” in Valle De Oro. If you manage to find him you won’t have to accept the quest.

Oluso the Panther

Type: Stealth Amigo

To unlock Oluso, return the three Triada relics to the Oluwa Cave in Ventura Summit and complete Triada Blessings Yaran Story which is done by completing 3 treasure hunts.

And that’s how you unlock all companions in Far Cry 6. Need more help? See Unique SMGs Locations, Unique Rifles Locations, PC Optimization, Lorenzo’s Children Locations.

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