Once you are able to complete the Hunter for Hire quest, the Duchess will ask you to find the missing muscle in the Strength in Numbers quest. You need to have a lockpicking skill or Strength +4 to complete the Strength in Numbers quest of Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC.


Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Mission

When in the Hunter for Hire quest, choose to accept finding the treasure and are training Crane. Talk to the Duchess at The Wayward and accept the mission. Your objective is to find Sol and Polly for the Duchess. You can use the tracker on Polly to locate both of them. Take out the Pip-Boy and head to the radio tab. Follow the marker on the map and you’ll find some Scorched corpses. Open the note on top of the Scorched corpses.

Once you open the note your map will be updated with the next location, Gauley Mine. Go to the mine and head inside after beating the Scorched. Move inside the mine and you will find Sol, speak to him and get the stimpack. There is a narrow path next to him, use it to reach Polly. Use the passageway to reach a room with four Scorched. Reach the bottom of this room and use another narrow passageway. You will find Polly’s head in this location. Now, you can fast travel back to The Wayward. Speak with the characters and then equip Polly’s head. Put her head on the jug and head out to find a new body.

Fast travel to Summerville and enter the marked Robotics shop. Scan the card reader and peak with Skinner. You can intimidate him with +4 Strength. You can use the staircase to head up and use the card reader or pick the skill 1 lock. When you enter the next room avoid touching the red beams. You need to find the Assaultron body which is at the far see of the Handy showroom. You can pick the skill 3 lock or use the hole in the wall to reach the attic. There is a note inside the tells you the door key code – 88888. Interact with the Assaultron body and return to The Wayward to speak with Polly to complete the Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers quest. Need more help? Check out the Fallout 76 Wiki page.