Our Fallout 76 Wastelanders Reputation Farming Guide will help you with how to quickly farm reputation for both Raiders and Settlers.


How To Farm Reputation

With the Wastelkanders expansion, Fallout 76 finally has NPCs and factions. Players can increase their reputation among each of the factions which will grant them certain benefits.

However, increasing the reputation with each of the factions in Fallout 76 Wastelanders can be difficult and that is where our Reputation Farming Guide will help you. The following are the ways through which you can farm reputation fast.

Daily Challenges

Completing daily challenges for the factions is one of the efficient ways to increase reputation. But there is a small limitation which is that Raiders and Settlers Factions have only one daily challenge each day. All daily challenges reset at midnight GMT.


You need to travel to the settlements and as soon as you enter, the daily challenge for the faction will update. It’s easy ot miss out on these challenges and I recommend that you don’t miss them.

There is one way that won’t let you forget your daily challenges. Open the game menu > Game > turn on “Daily Quest active when started”. This will automatically make your daily challenge as an active quest as soon as you enter the settlement and the daily challenge in updated.

However, there are a lot of daily challenges in the game that don’t count towards the player’s reputation with the factions. Open your stats menu and select Daily under the “Data” tab.

Scroll through each of the daily challenges and for each challenge there will be a logo displayed to the right. The Settlers faction daily will have the Settlers logo and the Raiders daily challenge will have the Raiders logo. This is how you can check the daily challenges for each faction.


Furthermore, after certain quests, players will have the option in the dialogue wheel to not take any reward. Choose that option and players will receive more reputation and they will still get the reward for the quest.

Hidden Daily Challenges

There are certain hidden daily challenges in Fallout 76 Wastelanders that’ll increase the player’s reputation with the factions. One of the hidden challenges is at the Overseer’s Home.

However, before you get to the challenge there are pre-requisites that players need to complete. Players need to first complete the Overseer’s quests and finish working with her.

Once you have completed the Overseer’s quest and own a camera, then talk to Davenport and you can select the quest from the dialogue option. This quest will have players take a picture either in the Foundation or in the Crater.


But, this daily quest won’t just give you reputation. If you want to increase your reputation with the Settlers then choose that you will take a picture of the Raiders base. Then take those pictures to the Settlers faction instead of returning to Davenport.

Another hidden daily quest is at the Ohio River Adventures. Travel there and talk to BLACKEYE and choose “I’ve got some Mirelurk products for you”.

This will increase player reputation with the Raiders. You can give BLACKEYE the Quinn Mirelurk meat or regular Mirelurk meat. You can only choose one option and she’ll only take meat once a day in exchange for the reputation.

FISHBONES will be standing around the Ohio River Adventures. Talk to him time-to-time as he’ll have a Defense Event for the players. Complete the event and it’ll increase your reputation with the Raiders.

Random Encounters

Completing random encounters in Fallout 76 Wastelanders can increase player reputation with the factions. As the name suggests, these are random, mobs can be attacking the settlers or raiders.

If players help them defend, their reputation will increase. Also, these random encounters reset quite often. So you can do them again and again to farm reputation.

The reputation will increase with the faction that you help defend. Players can often find these random encounters at Abandoned Mine Shaft 6 or any place where you can find Settlers or Raiders. Players will find Settlers in the Forest and Raiders in the Ashkeep.

Furthermore, if you want to increase the reputation then don’t hurt Settlers or Raiders, otherwise, players won’t get the reputation. If you hurt your allies in these random encounters, players will lose reputation. So don’t use any explosive weapons.

Also, go to the “Oson Kone” and if you see a settler mining there, then pick up the ore and talk to the settler. The NPC will take the ore in exchange for reputation.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Wastelanders Reputation Farming guide with tips on how to farm reputation fast for both Raiders and Settlers. For more on the game also see our Chinese Stealth Armor Guide and Gold Bullion Farming Guide.


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