Well, boys and girls, it looks a while to find Purveyor but we finally have his location in Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC. If you are wondering where to find Purveyor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders, we have the answer. The legendary weapons vendor is at the Ash Heap at the Rusty Pick in the Wastelanders DLC.


The vendor was previously at the Berkley Springs but since the release of the latest DLC, the character has changed its location. Fallout 76’s legendary weapons vendor can now be found at the Ash Heap at the Rusty Pick.

Who is Purveyor?

According to the lore of the game, Purveyor is a legendary weapons vendor in Fallout 76, a mole minor who doesn’t take caps. Once she opens the door to her shop on Wastelanders DLC you need to gather the new type of currency called “Legendary Scrip,” to get legendary items from her. You can scrap your unwanted legendary items to get Legendary Scrip; this is done through the Legendary Exchange Machines.


Legendary Exchange Machines Locations

These Legendary Scrip machines are spread across multiple locations in the game. You can find them at pretty much every train station in the game.

  • Lewisburg station
  • Welch station
  • Berkeley Springs station
  • Watoga station
  • Sutton station
  • R&G station
  • Sunnytop station
  • Pleasant Valley station
  • Morgantown station
  • Charleston station
  • Grafton station
  • The Whitespring station

You can get 5 Scrip for a one-star weapon and up 40 Scrip for a three-star weapon. Meanwhile, the rates for armor are 3 Scrip for one star, 9 Scrip for two-star, and 24 Scrip for three-star armor. Once you have enough Scrip you can visit the location of Purveyor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC.