Fallout 76 Wastelanders Keys and Passcodes Locations Guide

Fallout 76 Wastelanders keys and passcodes locations

There are a plethora of passcodes, passwords, and keys to be found in Fallout 76 Wastelanders. These will unlock different doors, areas, and locations where you can find weapons, armor, or items that help progress the game. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Fallout 76 Wastelanders keys and passcodes locations.

Fallout 76 Keys and Passcodes Locations

There are over 30 passcodes and keys found in Fallout 76 Wastelanders. The following are all the locations where you will get them.

Watoga Underground Key Location

In the Thicker than Water quest, you need to open two doors. The key is acquired after speaking with Beckett in Watoga Underground.

Vault 79 Access Card Location

During the Secrets Revealed quests, you can get the Vault 79 access key from outside the vault. Grab the key and access the vault to progress the story.

Vault 79 Facilities Management Keycard Location

While doing the Buried Treasure quest, enter Vault 79 and head to the decontamination hall. Look on the console for the Facilities Management keycard.

Terminal Password Location

In the Strange Bedfellows quest, you need the keycard to access the basement of a house. Go behind the house and look inside the port-a-loo for the password.

U.S.S.A Access Keycard Location

Pick up the keycard from the footlocker in US-13C Bivouac. You come across it during the Mission Out of Control quest. The keycard helps you access the Data Center in Sugar Grove.

Shooting Range Password Location

Go to the overseer’s office to get the password for Vault 79’s shooting range.

Protection Showroom Key Location

Look in the Duncan & Duncan Robotics facility showroom to pick up another key during the Strenght in Numbers quest.

Reactor Key Location

Vault-Tec University’s Simulation Vault reactor is opened by a key you get from Loris. Speak with Loris and persuade to get the key during Oversee, Overseen.

Protection Showroom Access Card Location

You can get the Protection Showroom access card from Skinner when you do the Strenght in Numbers quest.

Overseer’s Basement Key Location

During the New Arrivals quest, you get this key from the Vault 76 Overseer.

PRC Motherlode Access Key Location

During the Invisible ties quest look for a Communist commander’s body in the deep. Loot the body and you’ll get the key to the Motherlode Access key.

Levi’s Hideout Key Location

Kill Surge during From Russia With Lev quest to get the key for Poseidon Energy Plan Expansion doors.

Mr. Handy Showroom Access Card Location

Go to Duncan & Duncan Robotics facility and look in Skinner’s vendor chest to find this access card.

Mr. Handy Showroom Key Location

Pick up the key from a metal shelf during Strenght in Numbers quest. This key leads to the Picklock room 0 or 1.

Kanawha Mausoleum Key Location

Go to Kanawha County Cemetery, the second floor of the church up the hill. Look on the desk to find the key.

Hornwright Safe Room Access Card Location

During the Trade Secrets quest, you get the access card through progression.

Hornwright Estate Lab Key Location

The key is inside the estate, find it during the Trade Secret quest.

Grafton Steel Sector Charlie Keycard Location

Speak with Ra-Ra to get the Charlie Keycard during Fun & Games.

Grafton Steel Sector Alpha Keycard Location

Look in the underground facility for the Alpha Keycard.

Johnny’s Password

Speak with Johny Weston to get the Crater Core terminal password. If he is dead, search his body for the password.

Hornwright Testing Area Access Card Location

Go to The Maze – Hornwright Industrial Headquarters and check the CEO’s desk for the keycard.

Grafton Steel Closet Key Location

Look in the opposite direction of the closet, the key is near a skeleton in the underground facility.

Floyd’s Key Location

Look in the Crimson Prospect for a key to open Floyd’s chest. It is on a metal shelf near the chest itself.

Earl’s Key Location

Look under Earl’s pillow in his bed for the key to open his toolbox.

Duncan & Duncan Card Location

During the Strength in Numbers quest, the Dutchess gives you a keycard to access the Duncan & Duncan Robotics.

Cache-Control Room Key Location

The Gauley Mine control room key is near the control room. Look on a desk, close to the registration terminal.

Dollmaker’s Key Location

Look inside the room with a crib for the Dollmaker’s key during the Thicker than Water quest.

Bravo Sector Password Location

During the Fun & Games quest, you will see a destroyed terminal above the automatic turrets. The password is behind this terminal.

Becket’s Jail Cell Key

To free Becket, get the cell key from Rollins Labor Camp. It is inside a streamer truck.

Assaultron Showroom Key Location

During the Strength in Numbers quest, go to the Picklock 3 room and look on a desk near the locked safe.

Arena Door Key Location

Inside Watoga Civic Center building.

Arena Slave Quarter Key Location

Go to the Watoga Civic Center building during The OI’Weston Shuffle quest.

Assaultron Showroom Access Card Location

Speak with Skinner to get the access card key.

And that’s all you need to know about all passcodes and keys locations in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

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