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Fallout 76 Steel Reign Out of the Blue Guide: Sesame Seed Puzzle Solution


After you are done with the Missing Persons main quest, you will get access to the Out of the Blue main quest. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to complete Fallout 76 Steel Reign Out of the Blue main quest.

Fallout 76 Steel Reign Out of the Blue

To start this quest you need to speak with Paladin Rahmani. After you are done speaking with Paladin Rahmani, head over to the Blue Ridge Caravan Headquarters and have another conversation with her.

Now go to the Harpers Ferry Tunnel by following the quest marker. The location is easily visible on the world map.

At the location, you need to speak with Aries to continue the quest. After you speak with Aries you’ll need to fight some ghouls. Keep following Aries and eventually, you will come across a blocked path with vines.

To go past the area you need to access the locked lab door which is done by solving the Sesame Seed Puzzle. Basically, you need to input the right codes in the keypad.

  1. First Key Lock: 12, 11, 22, 13
  2. Second Key Lock: 8, 22, 8, 26, 14, 22
  3. Third Key Lock: 8, 22, 22, 23

When you enter the locked lab door find the water access and prepare for a battle. Your objective is to protect Rahmani as he pumps gas to deal with the vine.

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