Fallout 76 Steel Dawn is out now and brings a ton of new content including more quests, locations, and creatures. The Steep Dawn update allows The Brotherhood of Steel to build a small base called Fort Atlas at the Atlas Observatory. Through Fort Atlas, you can start a ton of quests such as The Best Defense and Forging Trust. In this quick guide, we will explain how to start the Forging Trust quest in Fallout 76 Steel Dawn.

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn: Forging Trust Quest Walkthrough

To start the Forging Trust quest in Fallout 76 Steel Dawn you need to tune into the Brotherhood of Steel transmission on your Pip-Boy’s radio. Afterward, head over to Fort Atlas, which is a minor military base east of Monongah and north of Wendigo Cave near the railroad tracks.

As you get closer to the entrance speak with Russel Dorsey outside a tent. Later, go and speak with Knight Shin inside the base. Inside the base speak with Shin and tell him Dorsey sent you. If you have enough Charisma you can use it to bring Shin on board, you lie about your loyalties, or simply ask him different questions.

Shin will explain how your arrival is a good thing and how civilian outreach is lacking. Shin will ask you to speak with some petitioners and be a middle man between the Brotherhood and the public. If you prove yourself to Shin you can become an initiate.

And that’s how you start and complete the Forging Trust quest in Fallout 76 Steel Dawn.

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