In the world of Fallout 76, there is plenty to do after or during the main story. Just like previous Fallout games, the live service Fallout 76 has side quests for the player to complete. Completing the side quests allows the player to get additional rewards, XP, weapons, and more. Below is a complete walkthrough for all Fallout 76 side quests.


In Fallout 76, side quests are normally as long as the main quests but they aren’t tied to the main story most of the time. However, you will often have to complete a certain main quest before you can start a particular side quest. Still, side quests in Fallout 76 are standalone, used more to get additional rewards

Fallout 76 Side Quests Walkthrough

In total, there are 13 side quests in Fallout 76.

  1. An Organic Solution
  2. Bureau of Tourism
  3. Cold Case
  4. Falsely Accused
  5. Mayor For A Day
  6. Miner Miracles
  7. Overseer’s Mision
  8. Personal Matters
  9. Safe for Work
  10. Tentative Plans
  11. The Motherlode
  12. Tracking Unknowns
  13. Mistress Of Mystery Quest Line

An Organic Solution

Objectives: Find Ella’s Research, Collect Bone Meal, Collect Chemicals, Deposite Chemical and Bone Meal, Mix and Flush Fertilizer, Collect Stranger Bloom.

Prerequisites: Use Ella’s Terminal in Ella Ames’ Bunker on the Northern side of the Mire, select Research Studies, and Radshield.

How to Complete: Leave the Bunker and reach the marked area to find Ella’s Research on Ella Ames’ body on the second floor of the Southhampton Estate. Take a look at Ella’s Research Holotapes through the item menu to bring up a terminal screen. Read the entries and select “Install Radio Tracking.” The next step is to select “Radiation Signal Tracker.” At the top-left, you can see the signal strength which is how you track it.

Go Southeast of the estate toward the Crevasse Dam where you’ll see the objective circle. Use the Radiation Signal Tracker to find a Deathclaw nest, Mire lake bank. Once you manage to get the Bone Meal, head south on Route 65 to Dyer Chemical. Inside you will find potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Take the materials and the bone meal to the facility’s third floor and insert them in the terminal. Select “Confirm” and then “Flush.” Now jump into the river and take one of the glowing Stranger Blooms on a tree near the river bank.

Bureau of Tourism

Objectives: Speak with Grafton Mayor, Open the Water Valve, Get 10x Beer Bottles, Repair Fort Token Dispenser, Repair Black Bear Lodge Terminal.

Prerequisites: Get close to the Grafton and listen to the WGRF Grafton Radion Station to get the quest.

How to Complete: Go to the marked location and used the Grafton Terminal. The mayor sends you to repair tourist attractions. The process is pretty easy to complete, you start by fixing the token dispenser using some common components.

Cold Case

Objectives: Access the security system, See the Holotape Clues, Search for Freddy’s ID, and Mailbox, Reach the Post Office, Investigate Otis Pike’s House, Enter the Damn and Look for Clues, Investigate the Woods Estate.

Prerequisites: Talk to Annie below the Giant Crocodile’s Mouth to start the quest.

How to Complete: Inside the building near the Wavy Willard’s Water Park there is a terminal. However, the front door is locked with a level 2 lock. You can use the hole on the northeastern side to access it. Go through the Holotapes and unlock the safe behind the terminal. Now go back upstairs and loot the mailbox before going to the top of the Slither Slide in the northeast side of the park where you will find the KidSecure ID. Go to Tinker’s Workbench in the southeast building in Willard Housing to repair the KidSecure ID. You need 1x Nuclear Material, 3x Adhesive, 1x Circuitry to repair it. Your next stop is the Clarksburg Post Office. Inside, select “search by box number” and then pick box 012.

The next step to look for Otis Pike’s house and use his terminal. Once at the terminal select “Correspondence” and then “Dom Saftey Inquiry.” Now go to the Woods Estate and upstairs to pick up “Freddy’s Hasty Note.”

Falsely Accused

Objectives: Speak With the Warden About the Marshals, Clear Your Name.

Prerequisites: The quest appears randomly in Toxic Valley after completing the Bureau Tourism.

How to Complete: While walking around the Toxic Valley you will be attacked by Protectron Marshals. Takedown these Protectrons to complete the quest.

Mayor for a Day

Objectives: Get Information About the Saboteur, Find And Search His Hideout, Investigate the Terminal, Bring the Virus Holotape to Maia, Upload the Tape, Protect the Upload.

Prerequisites: In the Cranberry Bog, you get a transmission from the Mayor of Watoga.

How to Complete: Use the Mayor’s terminal and select “Mayor for a Day.” Exit the municipal building and go north on Route 65. What are you looking for a small warehouse where The Saboteur lives. Inside you will find five clues, search every nook and cranny for them; read entries, loot bodies.

Go north from the hideout to find Robco, head inside, and locate Saboteur’s office on the east side. Select “Scan Likeness” on the terminal to get the Robot Virus Holotape. Take the take back to Watoga Munciple Center and interact with MAIA. Now go to the roof and upload the virus through a relay tower. Protect the upload process from a robot attack to complete the quest.

Miner Miracles

Objectives: Investigate Garrahan Mining’s HQ, Use the Project Manager’s Terminal, Buil the Power Armor.

Prerequisites: Complete Mics. quest “Discover Garrahan Mining’s Innovation.

How to Complete: Go inside Garrahan Mining HQ but watch out for the mines leading up to the building. Locate the back Terminal and select “Memo: Excavator Queries.” On the east side there is the project manager’s terminal, select “Excavator Module Blueprints to download the plans. Now you need to take a power armor suit to a power armor station and craft the required parts for the Excavator Power Armor. You need to have some Nuclear Material and Black Titanium. Once you have the Excavator Power Armor go back to the marked location to register it.

Overseer’s Mission

Objectives: Follow in the Overseer’s Footsteps.

How to Complete: To complete this quest, you need to find a handful of Overseer’s cache in Fallout 76. We are working on a detailed guide; “Overseer’s Cache Locations.” A link to it will be added soon.

Personal Matters

Objectives: Find Overseer’s Journal

Prerequisites: Listen to Overseer’s Journal Entry 1 Holotape to start the quest.

How to Complete: You need to find all Journals inside the Vault-Tec Agricultural Center, here are the locations:

  • Location 1: Welch
  • Location 2: Welch
  • Location 3: Vualt-Tech University
  • Location 4: Sutton
  • Location 6: Vault-Tec Agricultural Center

Safe For Work

Objectives: Listen to the Petrol, Check Supplies, Ue the Security Terminal, Listen to Petrol, Petrol the Processing Center, Get the Supply Cache, Lisen to the Petrol ####.

Prerequisites: Complete “Tentative Plans” quest to get Mics. quest “Register For More Advanced Responder Training.” Use the Second Floor Terminal at the airport, select “Volunteers: Advanced Training” to get this quest.

How to Complete: Use your Pip-Boy to listen to the Training Excerise Holotape to start this quest. Go to the Triage center terminal right in front of the Morgantown Airport. At the Terminal, select “Safe Control” and disengage the safe lock. Take the Triage Center Holotape and listen to it. Now go to the Airport’s north side and grab the Responders Bravo Station Key from the body of Responder Rockey that’s inside the large blue container. Use the key to open the safe inside the container and get the holotape. Go to the medical center that has the “Laborotory”sign on it. Locate and open the wooden crate inside and listen to the holotape. Go to the traffic control tower in the middle of the airport, climb up and use the terminal there. At the terminal, select “Resource Requests” and then “Requests” to get holotape. Listen to the tape to complete this Fallout 76 side quest.

Tentative Plans

Objectives: Listen Camping 101 Holotape, Investigate campsite, Examine Protectron, Get CAMP Plans, Find Camp Guide Program, Give the Holotape to Protectron, Deploy CAMP, Create Cooking Fire, Create Simple Stash Box, Create Generator at CAMP.

Preresiquites: Complete “Second Helpings” and Thirst Things First” quests. Go to the second floor of the Morgantown Airport Terminal and select use the terminal. Select “Volunteers: Advanced Training.”

How to Complete: From the Morgantown Airport, go north to Miguel’s campsite. Investigate his tent and read the Camping Syllabus, and speak with the Protectron nearby. Go to the airport again and check the section near the Miguel’s terminal to find Camp Guide Program holotape. Give that holotape to the Protectron. If you’re already deployed at a CAMP, you must build a generator, if not you will be asked to build a stash box and cooking fire.

The Motherlode

Objectives: Get Info About the Motherlode from Penny’s Office, Get the ID Card Printer, Get the Senior Executive ID, Investigate the Building’s Upper Floor, Look fora Repair Beacon, Deploy the Repair Beacon.

Presequisites: Enter the Hornwright Industrial HQ and use the Terminal, Read the Archived Messages.

How to Complete: Go to the top floor and use the termnal to reach the archived message – 9.30.77 to get the password. Now go to the third floor, Human Resources Office and check atop the filing cabinets for the ID Card Printer. Create the key card but you need to prove you’re an executive. Go to the next door office and use ther Hiring System Terminals. Take the exam to register yourself as an executive. Use the following answers:

  • Q1: 2
  • Q2: 2 or 3
  • Q3: 1
  • Q4: 2
  • Q5: 1

Go back to the ID card printer to collect your Executive ID Card. Reach the executive floor and ente the left room, inspect the External Connection Systems to search the area for a repair beacon. Go up the small set of stairs to find a red computer terminal. Select “Power Struggles” to learn code. Go back down and use one of the keypads to punch in the code. Get the repair beacon and exit the room. Head to the room on the opposite side of the floor. Take the elevator behind the laser grid and enter the next room, place the repair beacon on the beacon launcher. Motherlode will appear, go up the staris and use the Docking Station Dispenser to get your reward.

And that’s how you complete all side quests in Fallout 76. Need more help? See Coming To Fruition Walkthrough, Strength Perks, Wastelanders Keys and Passcodes, Reassembly Required Walkthrough, Early Warnings Walkthrough .