Fallout 76 is the latest entry in the Fallout franchise with multiplayer mechanics. The game had a rocky launch but, Bethesda has improved the game a lot. In this Fallout 76 guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of Recruitment Blues main quest.


Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues Walkthrough

Look to the right from the bulletin board and head through the opening ahead. Then take another right and players will find an elevator blocked by a laser grid.

Players need to register themselves on the fort’s security system. Go back to the bulletin board and follow the hall and then go up the first ramp. Now follow the hall on the second floor and then climb the metal stairs.

Go through the hall on the third floor and players will come across another elevator blocked by a laser grid. Use the terminal in front of it and select “Register New Personnel”. However, access will be denied and players have to find clues to bypass security.

Go to the room on the other end of the hall and read the note on the shelf labeled ‘Squire Evelyn’s Journal – Page 16’.

Now players need a military-issue ID and to get that, players have to complete basic training at Camp McClintock. If players have completed it already, they should have the ID, otherwise, players have to go to the Charleston Capital DMV building.

Use the terminal located to the left and select ‘Government ID Application’. Fill the information and approach the DMV Bot B2. Then print a number from the printer to the robot’s right and then go to the computer terminal in the center of the room.

Select ‘Boot up Department B’ and while the robots work, players have to defend them by clearing waves of Feral Ghouls until their number is called. Once the player’s number is called, talk to DMV Bot B2 and leave the building. Follow the objective marker to an old mailbox. Take the junk mail from it and then go back to DMV.

Give the junk mail to DMV Bot B2 and the bot will tell players to get another form. Go to the Charleston Capitol Courthouse and drop to the bottom floor and acquire the DMV form.

Go back to DMV Bot B2 and give it the form. The bot will tell players that they are in the wrong department. Talk to DMV Bot C1 and use the number printer next to it. Then use the terminal in the center of the room and select ‘Boot up Department C’. Again fend off Feral Ghouls until your number is called.

Once the players’ number is called, talk to DMV Bot C1. Wait for it to complete its coffee break and it’ll tell you to get a birth certificate.

USe the terminal located to the room’s west side and players will encounter Error 34B/1. Players need to stamp the birth certificate from the governor’s office. Go through the door located to the south of the room and go south and then west to find the Governer’s Seal. Use it on your document and return to DMV to turn the application in.

Get your picture taken and players will get their ID. Go back to Fort Defiance. Enter the fort and go through the left door and then go to the top. Use the terminal and select “Register New Personnel” and then select ‘Scan military ID card’. Now players have become the member of Brotherhood of Steel.

Now use the elevator and go to the fourth floor and go to the room at the end of the hall on the left. Use the Computer Terminal and select “Urgent touchdown Recovery” to conclude the quest.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see Wastelanders Keys and Passcodes Locations Guide and Strength Perks Guide.