Fallout 76 Lockpicking Guide – How To Pick Locks

Fallout 76 Lockpicking Guide

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer RPG that allows players to approach quests and places the way want. Players can either find the keys to open a locked door or they can just skip the search for the key and just pick the lock using the Lockpicking skill. This Fallout 76 guide will help players with how to lockpick and how to level up the lockpicking skill.

Fallout 76 Lockpicking

There are four levels of lockpicking. Level 0 locks can be picked without unlocking any perk. All players need is a bobby pin, which they can acquire by exploring and buying from merchants. However, players need the Picklock perk for Level 1 locks, the Expert Picklock perk for the Level 2 locks and the Master Picklock perk for the Level 3 locks.

How To Lockpick

When players choose to picklock, they’ll see an overlay of a bobby pin and a screwdriver. Players need to set the pin in the right direction and then turn the screwdriver to open the lock.

If the pin is not in the right place or direction, players will face resistance while turning the screwdriver. The closer the players are to the right position or direction of the pin, the further they can turn the lock. Keep making adjustments to the position of the pin to find the right position to open the lock. Eventually, players will find the right position and the lock will open. However, lock picks will be destroyed in the process if they face too much resistance.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Lockpicking Guide with tips on how to pick a lock. For more on the game, also see our Power Armor Locations guide and Wastelanders Leather Farming Guide.

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