Fallout 76 has a lot of quests, side quests, and activities for the players to complete. In this Fallout 76 guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of Key To The Past main quest.


Key To The Past Walkthrough

Players need to find the five fragments of a password to open a Raid cache. Go to the objective marker and enter Blackwater Mine. Go deeper into the mine and kill an irradiated woman named, Freddie Long to get the first fragment.

Exit Blackwater Mine and head east to a Local Trapper’s Camp on the Devil’s Backbone. Once players get there, they’ll find out that Super Mutants attacked the camp and took the guy with the next password fragment. Follow the road west of Huntersville and players will find the password fragment on Walter Griswold’s body.

After that, go to Synnytop Ski Lanes which will be packed with enemies. Be careful as there will be a lot of traps. Enter through the main entrance and stick to the left. Players will come across a locked room where the key fragment is. To get there, players need to clear the rooms of Super Mutants and get inside the room.

Listen to the Holotape and then go to the opposite end of the lodge. Then go downstairs to find a terminal at the far end. use the terminal and read the “Admin Password” entry in “Inbox”.

Margie’s group’s password fragment has been destroyed and players have to duplicate it. Go to the Palace of the Winding Path and players will find the Palace Admin Password in a dresser located just inside the Palace.

Then go downstairs and use the Holotape Duplication Terminal and make the Diehards Key Fragment.

After this, players need to search around Bolton Greens for noted on the next key fragment. Onc players are at Bolton Greens, head inside, and go straight to the top floor to find Gourmand’s Note.

Then travel to Windigo Cave and be prepared as this cave is full of dangers and kind of a maze. Enemies that players face here are powerful. Enter the cave and make your way to the objective marker to grab the Gourmand’s Key Fragment.

Then travel to Big Fred’s BBQ Shack located close to Top Of the World. As players reach this location, a swarm of Feral Ghouls will attack. David Thorpe is now a Scorches and is attacking the Ghouls. This is the opportunity to kill David and loot the body to grab the Cutthroat’s Key Fragment.

Travel back to the Top Of The World and give Rose the keys. Rose will task players with locating the body of a woman in Charleston. Players have to go to the Charleston Capital Courthouse and go to the basement. Use the marked terminal and select “Doe, J” entry Then go inside the room behind the terminal.

Then to the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort and go to its basement. Check the welcome mat for the kay and use the keycard and enter the cache to conclude the quest. Also, before you leave the room, pick up the Broken Uplink.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Key To The Past Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see Wastelanders Weapons Locations Guide and How to Unlock T-65 Secret Service Power Armor.

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