Fallout 76 offers a lot of main quests, side quests, and other activities in the base game, although, without any NPCs. While Bethesda has fixed the no NPC issue with the game, the base game still doesn’t feature any NPCs. In this Fallout 4 Guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of Into The Fire main quest.


Into The Fire Walkthrough

Make your way to the Charleston Fire Department located to the southeast of AVR Medical Center. Players have to take the Fire Breather Knowledge exam in order to get entry into the ranks of the prestigious Fire Breathers.

The questions are quite simple but, players can still grab the answer key from the main office upstairs. Once players are ready, use the Fire Breather Training System and select the Knowledge Entry Exam.

After that, leave the department and go north towards Charleston herald Building to start the physical exam. There will be enemies along the way, alternatively, players can stick to the outskirts of the town and head east to avoid danger.

To get to the terminal, head inside the tall apartment building with a set of stairs attached to it. Climb the stairs to the top and enter the building. Go down a floor and then west towards the objective. Cross the bridge to the next building and then go down a floor and follow the red painted arrows along the floor and walls, but do so backward. This will lead players to the terminal.

Once the Physical Exam starts, press Button A and then run to the south side of Charleston Herald and hit Button B, and then run back to press Button A. Players have to press these buttons while also facing Scorched along the way and within a three-minute time limit.

Start the final exam and then go Southwest of Charleston Herald to Belching Betty. Pick up the gear and prepare for the final test.

Use the terminal to the right of the locked door and follow the path until players reach a fork. Go either way as players will face danger on both paths. After pushing the Emergency Beacon, fight your way out.

Talk to Bernies once players reach the surface and then go back to Charleston Fire Department and register in the computer system. Go to the room next to the second-floor terminal and hit the button to play a message and the west concludes.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Into The Fire Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see How to Get the Fact Finder .44 Pistol and Strength Perks Guide.

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