Fallout 76 is a multiplayer take on the popular Fallout formula. The game didn’t feature any NPCs in the base game and that didn’t really work out well. In this Fallout 76 guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of Early Warnings main quest.


Fallout 76 Early Warnings Walkthrough

Go to Abbie’s Bunker and enter the back room to use the Tinker’s Workbench. Select Uplink in the quest items tab and repair it. Then go back to the entrance room and use the Scorched Detection System Terminal. Select the Communication Uplink Repaired to check-in and then exit to listen to what Abbie has to say.

Exit the Bunker and go to Raleigh Claye’s Bunker and use the terminal to unlock the front door. Once inside, players have to find Fan Motors.

Investigate the marked cabinet and players will find all five Fan Motors. After that, players have to find Heating Coils from several different locations in Mire. The first one is in the marked toolbox close to players.

Exit the bunker and head to Ella Ames’ Bunker to grab the next Heating Coil. Then travel to Relay Tower and grab the Heating Coil from the toolbox.

After that, fast-travel back to Abbie’s Bunker and go to the Tinker’s Workbench. Look in the cupboards in the room for two more Heating Coils. Use the workbench and craft the Upgraded Motors in the quest items tab. Then go back to SDS Terminal in the main room and select Motors Upgraded to conclude the main quest.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Early Warnings Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see Chinese Stealth Armor Guide and Reputation Farming Guide.

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