Fallout 76 Diseases Guide: Effects, How to Avoid

Fallout 76 Diseases

One of the main mechanics in Fallout 76 are diseases. If your character gets a disease life can be pretty difficult in the wilderness. To survive is Fallout 76 you not only need to worry about hunger and thrist but also deadly diseases. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about diseases in Fallout 76 and how to avoid them.

Fallout 76 Diseases and Effects

You can get diseases from the following sources and reasons:

  • Raw food and dirty water.
  • Sleeping on rollout or unframed beds, and off the ground.
  • Taking damage from Diseased Enemies.
  • Swimming in radioactive, contaminated water.
  • Moving through radioactive, contamination zones.

Diseases work differently to mutations, they have a time limit for how long they will last. However, they may last through death oftentimes so it is best to avoid them as much as possible. You can use antibiotics to cure diseases, find cures for them as well to automatically cure them.

Diseases  Effects
Blight  -1 to All SPECIALs 
Blood Worms  Take 25% More Damage 
Bone Worms  Take 50% More Limb Damage 
Periodic Water Loss 
Fever Claw  -25% Damage with Melee Weapons 
Flap Limb  -2 STR 
Glowing Pustules  Bleed Radiation from Wounds 
Heat Flashes  -2 END 
Jelly Fingers  +50% Ranged VATS AP Cost 
Lock Joint  +50% Melee VATS AP Cost 
Needle Spine  -10 Carry Weight 
Periodic Food Loss 
Rad Worms  Take 50% More Radiation Damage 
Rattle Hands  -25% Damage with Ranged Weapons 
Shell Shock
Action Point Drain from Wounds
Sludge Lung  -50% AP and AP Regen 
Snot Ear  -2 PER 
Swamp Gas  -2 CHR 
Swamp Itch  -2 AGI 
Weeping Sores
 Bleed from Wounds 
The Woopsies  -2 LCK 

And that’s the complete list of diseases you need to worry about in Fallout 76. Need more help? See Power Armor locations, lockpicking, Strength Perks, Keys and Passcodes.

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