Fallout 76 is a multiplayer take on the usual Fallout formula. The game had quite a rocky launch but, it has since improved. In this Fallout 76 guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of the Back To Basic main quest.


Back To Basic Walkthrough

Speak with Master Sergeant Gutsy and leave to from and then drop down to the first floor. Players will find a Uniform Disbursement Log on the desk. Take it to discover the location or Uniform Voucher.

Exit the building and go to the barrack located to the south. Enter the first barrack and the Uniform Voucher is inside a container. The location of the container changes every time players do this quest but, the container is inside in this building.

Find the container and take the voucher. Go back to the first floor of the main building and use the Uniform Dispenser and players will get fatigues and helmet. Equip the Dirty Army Fatigues and Dirty Army Helmet. Go back to Master Seargeant Gutsy to continue training.

Now players have to complete three basic training courses. Marksmanship, Agility, and Patriotism. Players can complete these courses in any order.

The agility training course is an obstacle course. Players have two minutes to complete it.

For the Marksman course, players have 30 seconds to hit all targets. shoot the targets that pop up within the time limit to complete the course.

Patriotism training course requires players to root out commie threats. Players have to investigate Jimmy’s, Topher’s, and Jiajun’s rooms and also speak with them to determine which one of them is a threat. Once players have enough evidence, they will go back to the Patriotism terminal and make the accusation.

After the courses are done, leave the base and go to the live-fire test grounds. Clear three waves of enemy robots. Finish this and go back to Master Sergeant to complete the quest.

That is all for our Fallout 76 Back To Basic Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see Wastelanders Keys and Passcodes Locations Guide and Strength Perks Guide.